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zinamax opinions,pharmacy,package insert,effects

Zinamax tablets are used to improve skin appearance and fight acne. According to their description, they remove acne and reduce sebum production, thanks to which the skin quickly regains its nice, healthy look and acne changes do not recur. Such effective action is possible thanks to lactoferrin, which is the main component of the discussed pills. What is this lactoferrin and how exactly does the treatment work?

Who is Zinamax recommended for use?

zinamax opinions,pharmacy,package insert,effects

Anyone can buy Zinamax tablets - it is not a drug, but an over-the-counter supplement. Although it is not as dangerous to your health as traditional acne medications, there are some restrictions on its use - you should not take it if you are pregnant or breastfeeding, minors can take it only with a doctor's permission and Zinamax is not recommended for patients under 18 years old. There is milk in Zinamax, so an allergic reaction may occur in people who are allergic to lactose, allergies may also affect the other ingredients, so you need to read the leaflet before starting supplementation.

Zinamax is for men and women, and according to the manufacturer, the pills help with different types of acne and any severity of this condition. Supplementation should produce a big change in skin condition after just a few weeks, but specific results depend on the individual body's predisposition.

Why is Zinamax a recommended supplement for acne?

Progress in the removal of acne may take place at different rates, but as the manufacturer assures, each person can expect a significant reduction in skin imperfections. At the same time, Zinamax is gentle on the body - people who take prescription drugs often experience unpleasant side effects, while supplementing with Zinamax tablets has no negative effects.

Zinamax does not destroy the stomach, does not harm the liver, does not affect the healthy protective barrier on the skin. It is also not a threat to the good bacteria - drugs can sterilize the body, the supplement focuses on the fight against only those pathogenic microorganisms.

There are other advantages as well. The tablets are easy to take, you can do it even while away from home, which cannot be said about acne ointments, which are extremely cumbersome to apply even if they give the expected results. Zinamax is not an invasive method, there is no risk of complications and the manufacturer assures that the formula is completely safe for health.

Dosage, use of Zinamax tablets

The way you take the supplement is precisely described in the package insert and you should not change the dosage recommended there. Two tablets per day is the recommended dosage, but you must take Zinamax every day for the active ingredients to work as intended. Zinamax is best taken immediately after a meal and with a glass of water.

Why is it necessary to treat acne? Is Zinamax effective for this?

For many people, pimples are primarily an aesthetic problem, but it is simply a disease, and sometimes a really serious one. Acne can appear already in infants, although it is rather rare. However, in teenagers and young adults it is very common. Acne sometimes disappears on its own, once the hormones have calmed down, but even in these milder forms it is advisable to take some action, for example, in the matter of facial skin care.

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Acne vulgaris is just one version. There is also rosacea, blackhead acne, inflammatory acne, and pus acne. Each version has the same cause, which is bacteria that cause infections on the face, which manifests as pimples, blackheads, and purulent papules. These bacteria come from the fact that there is too much sebum on the skin, and the mouth of the hair follicles is irritated and prone to inflammation.

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In very mild conditions, when pimples are isolated and only occasionally appear on the face, natural antibacterial masks, good quality cosmetics with a mild composition, and an allergen-free diet will help. However, when acne is a chronic condition, it is necessary to support oneself with supplements, and Zinamax is in this respect much better than the competition, as shown by studies - the tablets worked well in almost all people, reducing acne lesions and regulating sebum secretion.

How does Zinamax work and what are the effects of treatment?

healthy skin without pimples with zinamax

Topical acne remedies dry up individual pimples and relieve some inflammation, but they do not address the cause of the condition. Zinamax does.

  1. The active ingredients in Zinamax tablets regulate the hormonal balance, so that the sebaceous glands begin to function properly and produce the right amount of sebum that is needed to protect the skin.
  2. Zinamax cleanses the sebaceous glands from excess sebum and reduces irritation of the hair follicles. The sebum is naturally distributed over the skin and has a biologically appropriate composition - it is the sebum that forms a healthy moisturizing layer of the skin. During the treatment inflammatory foci are removed and pimples no longer form.
  3. All blackheads and pimples become invisible, the skin is clean, healthy, regains its natural shade. The skin is also well nourished and moisturized, this time from the inside, which is very important for the condition of the skin - preparations in the form of a cream mainly affect the epidermis, Zinamax tablet ingredients also reach the deep layers of the skin.
  4. After a few weeks of treatment with Zinamax, you will notice that the skin is less prone to acne, there is no skin irritation, no inflammation, the sebaceous glands are not overactive.

Zinamax reviews, comments, forum

User reviews about a particular supplement is very important for new customers, sometimes even the most important, because it seems to be the most reliable. There are quite a lot written about Zinamax and definitely negative reviews are very rare, for most it is a very good product that helped to get rid of acne. These are some of the posts that can be found on online forums:

Do people who use Zinamax confirm its effectiveness?

Marzena, 31 years old: "Zinamax is the second supplement I have taken for acne. The first one helped only half-heartedly and when I stopped taking it, my acne quickly returned. After Zinamax, there are no recurrences, my complexion is smooth and I even managed to remove the small scars I had left after having pimples squeezed out."

Robert, 23 years old: "I struggled with acne all through high school, in college unfortunately not much has changed. Girls could at least mask their pimples with makeup, I had to scare others with my unattractive face. Fortunately I found out about Zinamax. I was skeptical, but I tried it. I no longer have pimples."

Pauline, 45 years old: "As I got older, my acne decreased, but it didn't disappear completely. My pimples kept popping up and I often had red skin. I tried many methods, but nothing helped in the long run. Only after Zinamax it is really good. The pimples are gone, my complexion is smoother and it doesn't get oily anymore."

Zinamax Capsules Composition

High dose of lactoferrin in Zinamax tablets - According to the manufacturer, there are 200 mg of lactoferrin in Zinamax tablets. This is a high dose that gives the supplement strong health-promoting properties, but without the risk of side effects. Lactoferrin is a component of mammalian milk and also occurs naturally in humans. Zinamax uses lactoferrin from cow's milk.

Lactoferrin is very important for our immunity, because it strengthens the immune system and fights with high efficiency any microorganisms that threaten health. This is the main purpose of lactoferrin - this ingredient removes acne-causing bacteria and soothes inflammation within the sebaceous glands.

The effectiveness of lactoferrin has been scientifically confirmed. According to studies, an optimally selected dose of this active substance blocks the development of acne lesions, positively influences the functioning of the sebaceous glands, has a soothing effect on the skin.

What else is in Zinamax?

  • vitamin complex: A, E, B6
  • selenium
  • zinc

These are ingredients that enhance the action of lactoferrin, increasing the immunity of the entire body. Vitamins fight free radicals and slow skin aging, selenium and zinc reduce inflammation, clear the complexion and regulate hormones.

The formula is also made up of EVNolMax, CentellinR and BioPerine®. These ingredients contribute to collagen production and rapid skin regeneration, which helps get rid of skin imperfections caused by acne. The ingredients are also responsible for the functioning of the sebaceous glands and cleansing the skin of toxins.

How much can Zinamax tablets be purchased for? Price

zinamax opinions,pharmacy,package insert,effects

One package is priced at 179 PLN. When ordering three packs, you pay only 119.33 zł per pack, which means that the total price for the entire package is 358 zł. Only 89.50 zł per pack is a package of six pieces - in total, for a six-month treatment you pay 537 zł.

Where to buy - place orders for Zinamax?

Allegro, Amazon and other online stores are better to avoid, because you are unlikely to find these tablets there, and at least not from the manufacturer - the manufacturer does not distribute outside its official website. Zinamax is also not sold in pharmacies or health food stores.

After filling in the order form, the customer chooses the payment method and, if he or she wishes, it can be done only on delivery. The package with tablets is sent by courier to the indicated address.

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