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zenidol price how much does it cost

What is Zenidol?

Zenidol is a cream that is recommended for tinea pedis and can be used by any adult, regardless of gender.


Zenidol is a cream that relieves the symptoms of ringworm and eliminates the source of infection responsible for the development of the disease. If you are not allergic to the ingredients in the cream, the treatment should not have any negative health consequences.

Tinea pedis is an extremely persistent condition. It does not cause pain, but is associated with high discomfort, is embarrassing and to top it all, difficult to cure. According to doctors, tinea pedis can be regarded as a disease of civilization, because every fifth adult suffers from it.

It is quite difficult to protect yourself from ringworm, even if you take care of your personal hygiene, because infections often occur in public places that you visit every day. Ringworm should not be underestimated, because its symptoms will not disappear on their own, but only worsen, with disastrous consequences for your health. Can Zenidol, a foot care supplement, cure this nasty disease?

Where does tinea pedis come from?

According to estimates, every fifth Pole has to deal with the problem of tinea pedis. The worst thing about this disease is how easy it is to get infected with it, especially that we often do not even know if someone is a carrier of mycosis. Fungi responsible for the development of the disease persist for quite a long time on the surface on which infected people have moved barefoot - these are most often wooden floors, floors in gyms, sports clubs, saunas, public baths.

zenidol for tinea pedis

After infection, fungi develop easily, because most of the time we walk in covered shoes and not always take proper care of the skin of our feet, plus a reduced immunity of the body, resulting from a not very healthy lifestyle.www.Zenidol.pl

Ringworm is very easy to recognize. The most common symptoms are:

  • burning and itching of the skin
  • cracking of the skin on the feet
  • dark lesions on the nails and between the toes
  • blemishes on the skin
  • unpleasant odor, even after washing feet
  • Vesicles and papules caused by inflammation

Zenidol for tinea pedis

Ringworm is a chronic disease, but it can still be cured, you just have to choose the right remedy. Zenidol cream is considered to be such a cream, with a formula that eliminates inflammation and accelerates the recovery of damaged tissue. It is a cream that helps both skin and toenail fungus, and the treatment should bring the desired relief very quickly.

As the manufacturer assures, with the treatment you can:

  1. Eliminate itching
  2. restore the natural appearance of foot skin
  3. reduce foot perspiration
  4. inhibit the process of skin peeling

Who is Zenidol for?

Zenidol cream has a formula that works regardless of age or gender. Zenidol cream can be used by anyone who suffers from skin or nail fungus, but it is not recommended for pregnant women or nursing mothers.

Composition of Zenidol cream

  • Terpinenes - Destroys the fungi responsible for disease development and prevents new clusters of infection from forming. Soothes burning and itching, nourishes the skin and restores a smooth, soft surface.
  • Juniper oil - Pleasantly cools the skin and restores a pleasant scent.
  • Vitamin E Nourishes the skin and accelerates regeneration of damaged cells. Smoothes the skin tone and removes inflammation.
  • Colloidal silver - Has antiseptic and antibacterial properties. Softens and smooths the skin surface. Reduces sweating and relieves bad odor.

Check out the full lineup on the manufacturer's website HERE

How does Zenidol work?

Thanks to the ingredients in Zenidol cream, the correct microflora of the foot skin is restored. This protection means that fungal infections are destroyed in the bud and have no chance of spreading, and there are no more defects in the structure of the epidermis. All the symptoms of ringworm go away, but most importantly, the causes of the condition are also removed.

Zenidol cream removes all irritant substances from the skin surfaceIt stimulates cells so that they recover faster, improves metabolism and protects those good bacteria that form a protective barrier on the feet against infection.

With each successive day of using Zenidol cream, the condition of feet improves - skin becomes less itchy, redness and crusting disappear, sweating is normal and psoriasis subsides. At the end of the treatment the feet are smooth and soft, without any signs of mycosis.

Effects of using Zenidol cream

  • curing a fungal infection
  • restoration of damaged nail plate
  • protection against relapse
  • no inflammation on the skin of the feet

Is Zenidol safe?

The formula of Zenidol cream has been thoroughly tested by specialists who confirmed that the treatment has no side effects and effectively hits the source of foot fungus. Regardless of age, anyone can use Zenidol cream, but beware of allergies - for people who are allergic to the above-mentioned ingredients, another solution will be a better option.

The cream can be used concurrently with other preparations for ringworm if the compositions differ. For strong prescription medications, consultation with a dermatologist or podiatrist is advisable.

How do I use Zenidol?

zenidol forum reviews

Zenidol comes in the form of a cream and is meant for external use. The cream is rubbed into the skin of the feet and into the nails, using gentle movements but making sure that all affected areas are covered. The skin must be washed and dried before application. One or two applications per day, depending on the severity of the mycosis. The cream is not rinsed off but left to absorb completely. www.Zenidol.pl

The manufacturer recommends using the cream for a minimum of 30 days, but for more severe mycosis symptoms the treatment can be extended for an additional two weeks. Zenidol can be used for a maximum of two months without a break - this is the period for acute or chronic mycosis. The treatment can be repeated, but only three months after the last application.

Zenidol reviews

The majority of Zenidol reviews are positive, and it can be concluded that the manufacturer's description largely reflects the real performance of the cream. Very quickly, people who use Zenidol notice a weakening of the symptoms of ringworm, the irritated skin no longer causes such discomfort, the feet lose their unpleasant smell and the nails look nice again. These are some examples of testimonials:

Marta, 25 years old: I regularly go to the pool and it was there that I contracted ringworm. It was horrible, my skin itched and burned constantly and I developed painful bumps and cracks between my toes. The dermatologist prescribed Zenidol so that I wouldn't have to take any oral medication. After a month, my feet look just perfect.

Dagmara, 34 years old: I work in uniform, which means walking in heavy shoes every day, no matter what the weather is like. I've always taken great care of my feet but finally tinea pedis got to me too. My feet started smelling bad and sweating a lot, plus they burned with the slightest movement. I ordered Zenidol and it really helped, the skin stopped flaking and even during hot weather I manage to keep my feet dry.

Kamil, 29: I lead a very active lifestyle. I spend a lot of time at the gym and enjoy going to the sauna. I was aware of the risk of ringworm and took various preventive measures, but it happened a few times that I walked barefoot on a dirty floor and so I caught a nasty infection. I bought Zenidol and after just two weeks everything was back to normal.

zenidol price how much does it cost

Zenidol Price

How much does a tube of Zenitol cream cost -The original price of Zenitol cream is 358 PLN, but the manufacturer very often organizes attractive promotions, like now - a tube of cream can be purchased for only 179 PLN.

Where can I buy Zenidol?

Zenidol cream is distributed by the manufacturer itself. This restricts the sale of per website, But at the same time, you can expect beneficial reductions in price, which would not be possible with a wider distribution. The manufacturer provides a guarantee of quality, so it is not worth looking for offers in other places - these may be fakes with worthless or even dangerous to health composition.

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