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What is Varicol?

Varicol cream is recommended as a natural treatment for varicose veins. Most often older women struggle with this problem, but the cream will work in any case, and can even be used prophylactically, so that the development of this disease can be avoided. From the information provided by the manufacturer, you can learn that Varicol is a cream made of natural, tested ingredients. Is this enough to remove varicose veins permanently, and who will be most helped by this treatment?

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Varicose veins are a symptom of venous insufficiency. Their appearance is evidence that there has been damage to the superficial veins, most often due to hypertension, damage to the valves, pressure on the veins or narrowing of its lumen. This causes inflammation and impaired blood flow, so the blood vessels become deformed. Varicose veins occur mainly in the legs, which is due to the fact that it is most difficult for the blood to pump upwards from the lower limbs if you lead a sedentary lifestyle or are very overweight.

Overweight and sedentary lifestyle are the main causes of varicose veins, but they can also appear as a result of too much standing or hard physical work, are the result of other cardiovascular diseases or are simply inherited - the tendency to develop varicose veins is genetic. Statistically, varicose and spider veins most often occur in women over 40 years of age, although men may also have this problem.

Varicose veins look unattractive, but most of all they cause a lot of discomfort - legs get tired quickly, swelling and puffiness are common, pain is annoying even with slight exertion. Varicol helps to eliminate all these ailments, and on top of that it does it in a very convenient way. The treatment is carried out at home, on your own, and you don't need any special qualifications or even a prescription from a doctor. Varicose vein cream is a non-invasive method, much safer than surgery, which always risks infection or other complications.

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Is Varicol effective?

Varicol is suitable for both small spider veins and large varicose veins. The manufacturer states that it doesn't matter how advanced the disease is or how many varicose veins have already appeared on the legs, damage caused years ago can also be eliminated in this way. Varicol is a comprehensive remedy that eliminates varicose veins and all other inconveniences associated with circulation disorders in the legs. It is worth reaching for it when varicose veins are not yet fully visible, but the initial symptoms of the disease are noticeable: swelling, pain, burning, a feeling of heaviness in the legs, reddened skin.

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Opinions about Varicol

"The first symptoms of varicose veins I somewhat disregarded, because I took these marks as simply the effect of exhaustion. But the veins did not disappear, on the contrary, they became thicker and more tangled, on top of that my legs hurt terribly. I tried home remedies for varicose veins, but it only helped for a while. I had heard about treatments, however, I was a little scared of them. When I learned about Varicol, I immediately decided to get the treatment. The cream helped me in a little over a month, and so far the varicose veins have not recurred."

"I was very ashamed of my legs, precisely because of varicose veins. I got them already in college, and what I wouldn't do, they wouldn't go away, that ointments didn't help. I got this problem from my mother, and it was she who discovered Varicol on the Internet, which she also bought for me. I did not believe that anything would help, because no cream before gave satisfactory results, but here it was different. My legs became light, the swelling stopped bothering me, and the varicose veins disappeared, even the biggest ones, under the knees. A very good product."

"I value Varicol for the fact that it has a natural, safe composition, and yet it works instantly and with high effectiveness. I'm not at all surprised that so many people recommend it, the cream is really helpful even with large varicose veins. I continue to use it from time to time, preventively, because due to my sedentary job I am afraid that varicose veins will return again."

Composition and effects of Varicol cream

Varicol boasts a very valuable composition. There are only tested ingredients with scientifically approved effects. The formula uses highly concentrated doses of active substances, but they do not exceed the amounts recommended for the body. You can check the list on the manufacturer's website, with a detailed description of how each ingredient works.

Varicol cream at the first stage of treatment relieves pain and swelling in the legs. It improves blood circulation, so that the walls of the vessels are no longer stretched by excess fluids and are not damaged. The active ingredients also cleanse the veins of all sorts of toxins and deposits, which widens their lumen and allows blood to flow more efficiently, and on top of this the risk of very dangerous congestion is reduced.

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Varicol strengthens the entire vascular system, with special attention to blood vessels in the lower extremities. Damaged valves are repaired, cells regenerate faster, blood vessels become stronger, more flexible and less prone to deformation. This effect lasts for a very long time, and if varicose vein cream is used prophylactically, the risk of recurrence of varicose veins is very low.

Use of Varicol cream

Varicol cream is applied directly to the skin of the legs, in those areas where varicose veins and spider veins are visible. As a preventive measure, it can be covered cream for varicose veins The entire surface of the legs. As the manufacturer emphasizes, the cream will work at its full power only if applied daily, exactly according to the instructions in the leaflet.

Before applying the cream, it is a good idea to wash and dry the skin thoroughly, which will facilitate the absorption of Varicol's active ingredients. The cream is absorbed almost immediately, has no unpleasant odor and does not leave greasy marks.

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Is Varicol cream safe for health?

It is quite a common problem that varicose vein creams have a very strong composition, which ends up irritating the skin. Drugs taken orally may in turn lead to liver damage. Weaker formulations on the other hand prove to be too weak to actually work on the varicose and remove it fully.

The makers of Varicol cream have managed to find the perfect solution. The cream is gentle on the skin and does not deliver any harmful ingredients to the body, nor does it cause any discomfort after application . The treatment does not risk side effects, except in people with allergies to the ingredients - with allergies it is not recommended to use this product. It is also not a suitable preparation for pregnant women, instead, you can start your varicose vein prevention treatment immediately after nursing.

The first effects of using Varicol cream

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Varicol will not remove varicose veins in one day, but you do not have to wait very long at all for the results. The cream's effectiveness is exceptionally high, especially for an over-the-counter preparation, thanks to its carefully prepared formulation with a high content of active substances. After a week or so, symptoms such as heaviness in the legs, swollen ankles or swelling should disappear, and 28 days is usually enough to remove all varicose and spider veins. However, if the disease is very advanced, it may be necessary to repeat the entire cycle.

Does Varicol cause side effects?

Varicol is non-prescription, which means that anyone can use it as long as they follow the manufacturer's instructions. It is not recommended that the varicose vein cream be used by anyone under the age of 18, as well as by pregnant women, and while the product is largely aimed specifically at women, men can also use it if they want to get rid of varicose veins. The cream works well as an alternative to drugstore ointments for varicose veins - this cream has a milder formula and has no side effects.

Varicol cream can be used at any stage of the disease, that is, both when varices They are already strongly visible, as well as when they are just forming. The manufacturer also recommends its use as a preventive measure, especially by people with genetic predispositions, those who are overweight, smoke and lead sedentary lifestyles. The cream for varicose veins is a non-invasive method, simple to carry out, and thanks to the use of the cream, serious complications can be avoided.

Varicol price

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How much does Varicol cream cost? Due to its wholesome and unique composition, Varicol is a more expensive preparation than many competing creams for varicose veins. However, this price is fully justified by the high quality of the preparation and its extremely effective action, confirmed by studies. The promotional price is currently in effect, with a 50 percent discount. The price is only periodically this low, until the promotional campaign ends.

Where to buy Varicol?

Varicol is gaining popularity, hence its presence on various online auctions. However, the manufacturer stipulates that it does not take responsibility for similar listings, as they are not included in the official distribution. An original cream, with safe ingredients and a unique formula, is only available on the manufacturer's websitewhere you can place orders 24 hours a day, just leave your phone number in the form.

After accepting the application, the customer is called by a consultant, who informs how to pay for the order and accepts the shipping address for the package with Varicol cream. It is not necessary to pay in advance for the shipment, the amount due can be paid only when receiving the package from the courier. The package should be delivered within a maximum of a few working days.

For whom is Varicol cream intended?

This is a cream designed for people who want to get rid of varicose veins and spider veins.

Is Varicol sold by prescription?

No, the cream is available without a prescription and can be ordered from the manufacturer's website.

Is the product suitable for all people with varicose veins?

Varicol is a safe solution, suitable for any adult. Exclusions apply only to pregnant and breastfeeding women, and people with allergies to the cream's ingredients.

How long does it take to use Varicol cream?

The basic cycle lasts 28 days, but it can be repeated if the varicose veins are in a severely advanced stage.

Does Varicol permanently remove varicose veins?

The product has a high, proven effectiveness, but it is recommended to repeat the treatment from time to time as a preventive measure.

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