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Supreme Skin is a moisturizing face primer

Supreme Skin foundation promises smooth, satin-like skin from the very first application. It is a modern cosmetic with opaque properties, with an innovative composition that helps in daily skin care. The manufacturer assures that, using this foundation, you do not have to worry about the effect of an artificial mask and, regardless of your skin type, you can count on excellent results. Is Supreme Skin really that useful when applying makeup?

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What is the purpose of foundation in makeup?

What are the advantages of Supreme Skin foundation?

Supreme Skin is a foundation with several colors

Primer is used to even out skin tone and add radiance to the complexion. After applying foundation, the complexion looks healthier, it manages to hide blemishes and dark circles under the eyes, pimples and blackheads disappear. Primer is an opaque cosmetic, but if it is of good quality, it will not clog pores and harm the skin. From the manufacturer's description, you can learn that Supreme Skin has very low comedogenicity, and even with oily skin, sebum is still secreted - it is needed for the health of the skin, but there are special powders in the foundation that absorb excess sebum and sweat.

Supreme Skin does not weigh on the skin and despite walking around in makeup for hours, the face looks fresh all the time, without a mask effect. The foundation has a very light texture that absorbs well, so you can comfortably wear it on your face even in hot weather. For a better effect, before applying the foundation, use a moisturizer from the same series. EleverSkin Glow face cream.

For whom is Supreme Skin Primer the right solution?

There are not many contraindications to using the primer. Because of how safe the formula of this primer is, it can be used by people of all skin types. However, it is especially recommended for people with combination and oily skin, who are most in need of effective mattifying of the skin and covering various imperfections.

Supreme Skin will work well for anyone who simply wants a smooth, satin complexion with an even tone. Primer Helps hide under-eye circles, pimples, redness, freckles, acne marks. It eliminates blemishes and brightens the complexion. It does not look artificial on the face even after many hours of wearing foundation, nor does it tend to roll or weigh down. This is a product that will appeal to anyone who expects professional makeup regardless of the circumstances.

Is it safe to use Supreme Skin as a face primer?

An ill-fitting foundation will clog the pores, so the skin will not be able to function properly - colloquially it is said that the skin breathes, but here it is more about the proper excretion of toxic substances, sweating and the production of sebum, which protects the skin. The problem is that when the work of the sebaceous glands is disrupted, there is too much sebum, so that the hair follicles become clogged and the epidermis does not have full protection against bacteria.

Supreme Skin has no side effects

Many cosmetics that are supposed to deal with this problem focus only on drying out the skin. Supreme Skin works differently - it regulates sebum production, making the skin less oily and glowing, the protective layer of the epidermis is rebuilt, the skin tissue does not lose too much water. In this aspect, it is much better than competing primers, does not damage the skin and provides full coverage in a safe, healthy way.

Supreme Skin does not contain allergens in its formulation and can be used on delicate and sensitive skin. Rather, the primer should not be used by very young teenagers, due to the fact that their skin is not yet ready for makeup, while there is no problem with using the primer on mature skin - the primer does not collect in the corners of the mouth and wrinkles, and does not age the appearance of mature skin. It can also be used by vegans.

What about wrinkles? One of the myths about makeup is that it is supposed to accelerate skin aging and the formation of deep wrinkles. In fact, it's not so much the makeup itself that does harm, but sleeping in it, so it's mandatory to always do makeup removal before bed. Supreme Skin is a good solution insofar as it takes care of two key elements for skin condition - moisturizing the skin and protecting it from wrinkles.

The formula includes ingredients such as a vegan equivalent of collagen and sodium hyaluronate, which bind water molecules in the skin tissue and prevent the complexion from drying out. After applying Supreme Skin, the skin remains perfectly moisturized, and the mattifying and opaque finish does not dry out the epidermis. On top of that, there is also sun protection, meaning there is no excessive damage to the collagen fibers responsible for skin elasticity.

What is the composition of Supreme Skin?

The composition of a foundation is very important for skin safety. Supreme Skin boasts a quality formula and such use of ingredients that it is suitable for all skin types. The formula provides excellent coverage and is applicable to both softer daytime makeup and stronger evening makeup. The most important active ingredients of the foundation are:

Supreme Skin has vitamin E in its composition
  • Vitamin E - called the "vitamin of youth" for its antioxidant effects;
  • Sodium hyaluronate - an ingredient that improves water binding in skin tissue and promotes epidermal recovery;
  • Mattifying powders - absorb excess sebum and sweat, smooth the complexion and enhance the natural skin tone;
  • A blend of polymers - guarantees good complexion coverage, increases the durability of the foundation and gives it an optimal consistency;

What effect does the Supreme Skin foundation have?

Supreme Skin gives sensational results

Supreme Skin foundation gives the skin a number of benefits. The skin does not always look good in its natural version, so makeup is used to cover up these imperfections. However, the primer is not only used to provide an even skin tone, but also has the task of reducing shine - the face sweats, on top of that sebum is secreted, making the skin glowing and not looking healthy.

The advantage of Supreme Skin is that it provides coverage without drying or weighing down the complexion. It's a lightweight foundation that doesn't clog pores, and it's efficient enough that usually one layer completely masks various skin imperfections. The primer does not block the work of the sebaceous glands, but restores their normal functioning, so it is a very good cosmetic for people with oily and combination skin. The primer also has a great impact on the level of skin hydration - its ingredients improve water binding in the skin tissue and take care of maintaining the natural protective barrier.

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Does the Supreme Skin foundation protect against UV radiation?

Skin aging is a natural process, but it often occurs faster than it should. Why? Mainly because of poor skin care and an unhealthy lifestyle - the skin is damaged by smoking, a diet low in vitamins, and lack of sufficient hygiene. But what contributes most strongly to wrinkles is UV radiation, which is why tanning, whether in the natural sun or in a tanning bed, is discouraged. UV radiation contributes to the formation of free radicals, and these damage collagen fibers and elastin. On top of that, sun exposure accelerates water loss through the skin, and without optimal hydration it becomes less elastic.

Importantly, UV radiation does not occur only in summer. Of course, in bright sunshine it is higher, but even in the colder months it is worthwhile to apply a sunscreen. The role of UV protection can also be performed by a foundation, if it contains the appropriate filter. Supreme Skin has a factor 50+, which is the highest protection against UV radiation, so it is worth using this foundation in the summer, without having to put additional protection on the skin.

Supreme Skin opinions

How do users comment on the performance of Supreme Skin?

"For me, this foundation is number one when it comes to primers. The most important thing is that it lasts on my face for many hours, and I mainly paint myself for work. Secondly, in this foundation you look natural, as if your face is not painted at all. Supreme Skin has withstood even the hottest heat, which surprised me very positively. This is a cosmetic that will stay with me for a very long time."

"I use foundation mainly because I often have acne. Makeup, however, often aggravated my skin problems even more, but to cure acne, just wearing no makeup is not enough. What helped me was Supreme Skin. It perfectly masks any blemishes, even pus-like ones, but does not irritate the skin or cause inflammation. My skin after this foundation became pleasantly smooth, well-moisturized, without a strong tightening feeling like after heavily drying cosmetics. I have just ordered another pack to stock up for longer."

"Most of the primers I used were very heavy, they rolled off quickly, and the initial effect disappeared. A friend talked me into Supreme Skin because she had used it herself, and I could tell from her example that it was a very effective product. It's an extremely lightweight foundation, it's not clogging, and I also liked the fact that it has a UV filter. I don't need to look any further, it was the best possible choice."

How to use Supreme Skin foundation properly?

Supreme Skin masks skin imperfections

The primer serves masking skin imperfections, but without proper preparation of the skin, the final result may not be fully satisfactory. Problems with foundation, such as weighing or rolling, are very often due to the fact that the skin is not properly cleansed. The first step before applying foundation must therefore be to wash your face, with a gel or lotion, every few days it's still a good idea to do a peeling to remove dead skin. The moisturizer is applied to the cleansed skin first, and then just the Supreme Skin foundation, so it will spread better on the face.

Supreme Skin has a fairly liquid consistency, so you can spread it with your fingertips; another way to apply it is with a makeup sponge or brush. If the coverage with one layer is too little, just apply the foundation again, carefully spreading it all over the face. When the foundation dries, the last step is to apply powder. Which will fix the makeup.

Are shade samples of Supreme Skin foundation available?

On the manufacturer's website there is a box with shades of foundation - there are five in total:

  • Porcelain
  • Ivory
  • Beige
  • Sand
  • Honey

Unfortunately, it is not yet possible to order color samples of the primer, but it is possible that the manufacturer will launch them in the near future.

Supreme Skin Price

Supreme Skin is on promotion when you order the package

How much do you have to spend to buy Supreme Skin foundation?

The best value for money is the largest set of Supreme Skin, which includes three packs of foundation. When ordering this package, you actually get as many as four, because the manufacturer adds one more pack as a free gift. The largest set lasts for about eight months of use. The smaller package is a set of two Supreme Skin primers, and the price of such a package is reduced by several percent.

Only one package is needed for a trial? Such a possibility also exists, of course. One pack will serve for about two months of daily use. Shipping costs are added only when ordering one primer, for sets of two or more packs shipping is free.

Where to buy Supreme Skin foundation?

Unfortunately, it is impossible to buy Supreme Skin in a drugstore. Distribution of this foundation is limited to the Internet only, however, its purchase is nothing complicated, and you can place an order at any time. After choosing a shade, you need to select the package you want to order. The last step is to enter the data for shipping, and all this information is covered, and payment is made through a secure purchasing process.

Prepayment is not required, although it is more convenient. Upfront payment is required only for orders outside the country. The package is discreetly packed and should be delivered to the specified address within a maximum of seven business days.

Questions and answers

What is Supreme Skin?

Supreme Skin is a modern face primer. It helps create a perfectly opaque makeup that nicely mattifies the complexion and covers any imperfections. Supreme Skin can also cover up freckles, dark circles and acne marks.

Who is recommended to use Supreme Skin foundation?

Supreme Skin is suitable for all skin types. The composition is safe, and the formula is so light that even for sensitive or problematic skin Supreme Skin will not pose any danger. It is most often recommended to apply this foundation for oily and combination skin.

Is Supreme Skin sold in drugstores?

Supreme Skin is a primer that cannot be purchased at a popular drugstore. It is only sold online, and it is best ordered through the manufacturer's website.

Is Supreme Skin produced in different shades?

Complexions vary, so Supreme Skin foundation is available in several colors. Five versions are currently available: honey, sand, beige, ivory and porcelain.

Can Supreme Skin foundation cause skin irritation?

The manufacturer assures that proper use of Supreme Skin will not cause skin irritation. The product is also safe for acne and very sensitive skin.

How is Supreme Skin used?

Supreme Skin applies just like any other face primer.

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  1. This face primer is great, it suits me very much when it comes to colors and consistency, on top of that it is very efficient, the reviews that I have read before about supreme skin I can only confirm, worth buying, greetings

  2. I've been using Supreme Skin foundation for more than a month now and it's going to stay with me, the cool thing is that it comes in several colors, I chose the hone color - so the important thing is to choose the right one for you, although it's not a problem just a matter of complexion, etc.. What I like most is that it is lightweight, it does not cause a mask effect or any discomfort on the face which happened to me in previous face primers

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