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Magnetum Arthro price how much does it cost

Joint degeneration is a cause of persistent pain. A method that promises to eliminate this pain very quickly is Magnetum Arthro patches. They are instead of pills or other painkillers that can damage the liver and cause many unwanted side effects. However, do they have high effectiveness? How can you get rid of pain permanently by using magnetic patches?


Joint pain - why does it occur?

Joints significantly increase a person's range of motion. They "connect" bones, such as the elbow or the knee. The bones of a limb are held in place by joint capsules, ligaments and tendons, and to prevent the bones from rubbing against each other during constant movement, the bone socket is finished with relatively soft cartilage. Cartilage is easy to damage: it disappears when a person moves little or, on the contrary, when movement is too strenuous for the joints.

Age also plays a role, because as the body ages, the fluid protecting the joints dries out, and the amount of collagen produced is lower than in young people. This does not mean, however, that nothing can be done about ailing joints. Healthy physical activity and a good diet can help rebuild damaged joints, but this takes quite a long time when neglect is already severe. So with help come medicines, ointments, treatments, for example, magnetotherapy. Without this support, the pain will intensify, the defects in the cartilage will become even greater, new inflammations will constantly appear in the joint.

Magnetum Arthro patches

Magnetum Arthro

These magnetotherapy treatments are expensive and time-consuming. Not everyone can afford such rehabilitation, but nowadays it is possible to enjoy the benefits of magnetotherapy also at home, without large costs and complicated equipment. The method of treatment with magnets uses Magnetum Arthro patches. And as the manufacturer promises, they are so effective that one month is enough for a complete treatment.

What is the difference between Magnetum Arthro and regular Patches?

Magnetum Arthro should not be confused with ordinary patches that only warm the joint or inject painkillers through the skin. There are magnets in these patches, but don't worry, they are not harmful, even though you wear them directly on your skin for a long time. Treating chronic pain with magnets is a method that is very well known in medicine and has been proven to be extremely effective for various types of arthritis.

The method is very simple, it is limited to the application of Magnetum Arthro patches according to the manufacturer's instructions - you do not need to do complicated exercises that risk injury, you do not spend money on expensive drugs and your body does not feel any side effects of the treatment. And what is worth noting, Magnetum Arthro can be purchased without a prescription, so you do not even need to visit a doctor.

When can I use Magnetum Arthro patches?

Magnetum Arthro patches are universal, for people of any gender and any age. The list of conditions that can be treated this way includes:

  • Rheumatic diseases, including rheumatoid arthritis
  • arthritis
  • back pain
  • discopathy
  • arthritis
  • osteoporosis
  • joint injuries
  • sports injuries
  • inflammation of the joints

How quickly do the Magnetum Arthro patches work?

In the leaflet accompanying the Magnetum Arthro patch you can read that it is possible to get rid of joint and spine pain within just 30 days. However, improvement is often felt much earlier, because after about a week joint swelling and infections subside, and when another seven days pass, the joints stop creaking and move to their full extent.

Magnetum Arthro patches - how does it work?

magnetum arthro effects

What is the uniqueness and effectiveness of this pain treatment method? Magnets are of course the most important here. They emit pulses of a low-frequency magnetic field - the pulses are sent out every three hours and this is the optimal dose, thanks to which the joint undergoes regeneration, but without side effects on health.

Under the influence of magnets, muscles relax and blood circulation speeds up. With better blood flow, more nutrients are delivered to the cells forming the joint, which is necessary for their full recovery. Magnets also stimulate the production of collagen, which is the building block for joints - it is its deficiency that causes cartilage to wear down and there is too little joint fluid. The tissues become more flexible, the joint becomes fully mobile and gains full protection against injury and dangerous stiffness.

What are the main benefits of using Magnetum Arthro patch:

  1. Very rapid pain relief
  2. swelling disappears after a week
  3. no inflammation
  4. normal mobility of the joint
  5. four times more collagen in connective tissue

How to use the Magnetum Arthro patch?

A leaflet describing the correct way to apply Magnetum Arthro patches is included in the package. Do not wear them differently than recommended by the manufacturer. It is also important to remember that even if the patch removes pain a few minutes after its application, the patch must remain on the skin as long as required by the instructions to ensure the full effect of the treatment.

The patch is simply applied to the site of pain, and if the pain also radiates to adjacent joints, we apply Magnetum Arthro there as well.

How effective are the Magnetum Arthro patches? Effects of Action

Does 30 days sound reliable for curing chronic joint pain? For many people who have been trying to heal their joints for a long time, this seems like too short a time for an effective treatment.

But a study conducted on a thousand patients with various joint conditions showed that in almost 95 percent of people, the pain disappeared after a month of using the patch. Tests also confirmed that Magnetum Arthro treatment can rebuild damaged cartilage and restore mobility to the affected joint.

Is Magnetum Arthro safe for health?

The manufacturer guarantees that nothing bad can happen during the application of the patch. The magnetic field produced is not harmful and even people in poorer health can use this product safely.

The material of the patch does not irritate the skin and is suitable even for allergy sufferers.

Magnetum Arthro Patch reviews

"I've worked physically all my adult life. The result? A diseased spine. I took early retirement and was sure that the back pain would never go away, too much damage to my spine, and I'm finally getting on in years, something must be hurting. But at night the pain did not let me sleep. During the day, any activity required great effort. When I first read about Magnetum Arthro, I did not believe in its effectiveness. However, I let myself be persuaded. My spine stopped hurting after about three weeks and I am fully functional again." Andrew

"I associated joint pain with old people. Where could I, only in college, get similar problems? But my overweight and sedentary lifestyle was enough to put a strain on my joints. My knees hurt from climbing stairs, my back ached, and sometimes my hip bothered me. After applying the Magnetum Arthro patch I got rid of these ailments. The joints no longer crackle or hurt. I recommend this to everyone now." Paula

Magnetum Arthro Price

How much does Magnetum Arthro cost?

Magnetum Arthro price how much does it cost

A pack of plasters costs 317 PLN. When you order a patch now, you pay much less, only 137 zł. IThe number of packs of Magnetum Arthro is limited, after the end of the promotion the price will return to previous level.

Where to buy Magnetum Arthro?

Only on the manufacturer's website. There is a form where you give a phone number to yourself at which a Magnetum Arthro consultant should call you back the same day. After placing the order, you have to pay for the patches and collect the package from the courier.

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