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Prostate problems were not talked about but that does not mean that the problem did not exist. It affects almost all men over the age of 50. However, not everyone has the same unpleasant symptoms.

Every man after the age of 45 should visit the urologist at least once a year and consult the state of health of his genitourinary system just to avoid unpleasant problems associated with prostate hypertrophy - commonly known as prostate. Neglect can lead to prostate cancer.

A dietary supplement Prostoxalen has appeared on the market to counteract the unpleasant effects and development of prostatic hyperplasia. We invite you to review the product.

What is Prostoxalen?

Prostoxalen packaging, what it is

Prostoxalen is an herbal capsule that is designed to combat the unpleasant symptoms of benign prostatic hyperplasia. The drug was developed by urology specialists in order to support the functioning of the genitourinary system. The preparation is to prevent further development of prostate hypertrophy.

Unpleasant symptoms of prostate hypertrophy include constant pressure on the bladder which interferes with activities of daily living and numerous awakenings at night.

The capsules can be used by everyone as the manufacturer does not state that these pills cause any side effects. It is not a prescription drug and you can purchase it without leaving your home.

Prostate problems disappear with Prostoxalen use?

In the previous century, when a man's life expectancy did not exceed 50 years, the problem of prostate hypertrophy hardly existed at all. However, with the development of medicine and increasing life expectancy, men's awareness of their own body and health, the problem of prostate hypertrophy began to be a topic of interest for more and more men.

Prostate hypertrophy - what does it actually mean?

The prostate gland in size corresponds to the size of a chestnut, is relatively small. Its surface is smooth. However, the pathologically changed gland begins to increase its volume through the growth of glandular cells and presses on the urethra. This pressure reduces the diameter of the urethra and begin to have trouble passing urine. When the bladder cannot be emptied completely of urine it begins to change its structure. Urine lodged in the bladder increases the incidence of UTIs, weak bladder muscles that hold urine, or bladder stones.

Prostoxalen use

The most common symptoms of prostate hypertrophy include pressure on the bladder, frequent urination at night, pain when urinating, the sensation of a full bladder, problems in urination, the presence of bleeding in the urine, a decrease in the stream of urination, pain in the pit of the stomach, pain in the area of the scrotum, rectum.

In case of mild symptoms of prostate hypertrophy, Prostoxalen can be used, which is supposed to stop further growth of gland cells and increase the volume of the gland thus reducing the feeling of unpleasant symptoms associated with prostate hypertrophy.

How does Prostoxalen work?

Prostoxalen is a tablet based on natural plant extracts to help combat the symptoms of benign prostatic hyperplasia. The capsules are designed to take care of your health and help combat any problems associated with it.

The prostate is responsible for the production of seminal fluid. Its hypertrophy affects the flow of urine through the urethra and thus narrows the outlet of the urethra. When this happens, symptoms related to urinary incontinence, erectile problems and other annoying discomforts begin to appear.

The plant-based ingredients of Prostoxalen are supposed to effectively prevent further prostate growth and eliminate the discomfort associated with it. This dietary supplement is sold without a prescription and you can take it at any time. You don't have to wait in line for a consultation with a urologist to start taking care of your health.

Prostoxalen action

With regular use of the capsules, you will get rid of bothersome pressure on the bladder, problems and pain during urination. The ingredients of the pills are designed to allow you to achieve a full erection and prevent uncontrolled urination. The formula has been designed to reduce the frequency of trips to the toilet, even at night.

Prostoxalen treatment helps eliminate the pain, itching and burning that often occur with prostate hypertrophy thanks to its anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial ingredients. It also has a similar effect Uromexil forte, which we wrote about earlier.

Does taking Prostoxalen cause side effects?

Prostoxalen capsules are formulated using only natural, herbal ingredients. The manufacturer of the product emphasizes that due to this they are not harmful to health. The tablets can be taken for a long period of time as they are safe for health.

The ingredients of the medicine are tested and known for years, they do not cause any side effects. Each package is accompanied by a leaflet, the content of which should be read before treatment. Persons allergic to any component of the drug should not take it.

What is in Prostoxalen? Leaflet

Sabal palm is responsible for reducing the conversion of testosterone to DHT, as this is what causes prostate hypertrophy to occur. Sabal palm extract is also said to reduce urinary frequency and pain during due to its ability to reverse these benign changes of prostate hypertrophy. The ingredient also takes care of maintaining sexual health, maintains libido levels At a constant level, it also improves sperm production.

Large cranberry positively influences the work of the whole urinary and genital system. Known for its anti-inflammatory properties, it protects against infections, and in case of their occurrence, it supports the healing process and ensures the proper flow of urine stream.

Prostoxale ingredients

Pumpkin seeds known for many years - as well as sabal palm, are used in most medicines treating prostate hypertrophy. The effects of pumpkin seeds are also similar, as they help to block the change of testosterone to DHT and thus reduce the size of the prostate. Pumpkin seeds also exhibit anti-inflammatory properties and help fight infections and bacteria in the genitourinary system. Aids in achieving an erection.

Nettle has a strong diuretic effect, which facilitates urination in prostate hypertrophy. Nettle extract relieves prostate discomfort and has an analgesic effect.

Zinc It is responsible for maintaining hormones at an optimal level for the body, thus protecting it against prostate hypertrophy. Thanks to its properties, it allows to maintain the proper work of the whole male genitourinary and reproductive system.

Small-flowered willow also exhibits strong antibacterial and anti-inflammatory and strengthening effects. It eliminates the unpleasant discomfort of prostatic hypertrophy, reduces the sensation of pain and allows for proper flow of urine.

Vitamin E also contains many substances that fight free radicals. Besides, it is also a good protective component of the cell.

Lycopene (found in high concentrations in tomatoes) contains large amounts of antioxidants with properties that eliminate free radicals and protect the body's cells from aging.

Vitamin B6 keeps testosterone high and is responsible for hormone regulation. The proper work of the male hormonal economy allows you to enjoy the efficiency of the genitourinary and reproductive systems longer, it is also used in colossus gel

What kind of reviews does Prostoxalen have?

When preparing a review of this product, we looked for opinions on the effects of these capsules. What we found on the Internet in various health and men's forums was positive. We present some of the opinions:

"Among the circle of my acquaintances (about 55 years old) I have no one who has not struggled with the problem which is prostate hypertrophy. Recently the problem started to affect me too. At first I felt a strong pressure on my bladder and mistook it for cystitis. However, the medication I was taking for the inflammation had no effect. By then I knew from going to the toilet several times a night on average that the problem was with my prostate. I bought Prostoxalen. It has been better for 2 weeks now. I sleep most of the night peacefully and get up rested." Robert

"Ever since the first symptoms of prostate hypertrophy began to appear in me I was perpetually walking around angry. Especially at night, when I would get up several times, or even a dozen times, and it turned out that I couldn't urinate. The pressure on my bladder was so strong that I couldn't ignore it, and I would literally pass a few drops of urine in the toilet. How much anger it caused me to get up every now and then and not get enough sleep, and I was like a zoombie at work. I started to look for solutions. I found Prostoxalen. For some time now the strong feeling of pressure on the bladder has diminished and the amount of urine passed is much greater than before. I am satisfied with the results" Marek

"My prostate hypertrophy used to bother me so much that before I went out or drove somewhere I had to reconsider my route in terms of toilet accessibility. If there was no toilet on the way I had to change my route. This feeling of constant pressure to urinate was the worst. In addition, sex stopped being satisfying because there were problems with erections. Since I started using Prostoxalen it has been better. I can see an improvement because I go to the toilet less often and I don't have this pressure on my bladder anymore. I recommend these capsules." Sebastian

Prostoxalen Price - How much does it cost?

With just one pack of Prostoxalen, you can experience positive results of treatment for prostate hypertrophy. It costs 139 PLN.

Prostoxalen price, how much does it cost, where to buy

A two-month treatment is supposed to lead to the elimination of annoying symptoms such as pain, burning, itching and continuous urge to urinate. For such treatment - that is, for 2 packs of capsules we will pay 269 zł. On this set you will save 3%.

For men who want to be free from the discomfort of prostate hypertrophy for a long time, they can opt for the last package offered by the manufacturer, which includes as many as 4 packs of Prostoxalen. In this set you pay only for 3 packs and get 4 packs free. This will save you 25%. This kit costs 471 PLN from the manufacturer.

Where to buy Prostoxalen?

You can buy Prostoxalen without leaving home and directly from the capsule manufacturer through their sales page.

The manufacturer warns against purchasing the tablets from other websites, stores or pharmacies as they do not sell them.

Purchases from other sites may offer a counterfeit product for which the manufacturer is not responsible and gives no warranty.

To purchase the original product, directly from the manufacturer use the link:

To buy capsules enter the manufacturer's website and choose the set of products you are interested in, fill in a short purchase form and choose the way of delivery.

Product NameProstoxalen
How much does it cost137
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Availability at the pharmacyNot
User reviewsPositive
International shippingyes

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  1. More than a year I struggled with typical prostate ailments, such as frequent urination, sometimes pain in the corium and the like, I used similar remedies such as prostoxalen, but without much effect, here the problem of getting up at night to pee I got rid of after a month of taking the pills, so very positive, hello

  2. Well that prostatitis is a nightmare for a guy, in addition it also badly affects sex life in me it really almost destroyed my relationship with my partner, luckily I found prostoxalene and everything is back to normal

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