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Intenskin is a serum made with natural ingredients. The purpose of this product is primarily to regenerate the deep layers of the skin and its rejuvenation. According to the manufacturer, the cream has just after a few days restore skin elasticity and smooth out wrinkles. We're taking Intenskin under the magnifying glass to see what's in its formulation and if it actually works.

Intenskin - Intense Rejuvenation?

Each of us would like to maintain the youthful appearance of our skin for as long as possible. In order to do so, we use various preparations, often undergo expensive and painful procedures of aesthetic medicine, buy creams, masks, elixirs, etc. Sometimes, however, even the best preparations do not bring the expected results. However, it happens that despite using even the best preparations, we do not achieve the expected results. What affects the fact that these preparations do not always work? Where do we make a mistake?

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We often blame the condition of our skin on genes and age.

Intenskin manufacturers say that it is not age that determines the appearance of our skin.

They emphasize that in order to maintain the good condition of the skin, it is necessary to take care of it systematically and, above all, appropriately selected. Care based on natural ingredients that in optimal concentration affect the deeper layers of the epidermis and have a protective, regenerative and nourishing effect.

It is to this that we owe the great appearance of our complexion.

How to choose the right skin care products? First of all, you need to know and understand the mechanisms that drive the skin aging process.

Skin aging process:

  • It starts when the skin begins to lose its elasticity, which is mainly caused by dehydration. The first mimic wrinkles around the eyes and corners of the mouth begin to appear.
  • The skin becomes rough and thin.
  • Melanin secretion decreases and the first pigmentation changes appear.
  • Activity declines collagen fibers and deep wrinkles appear, the oval of the face also changes.

In order to prevent and stop the progressive aging process of the skin it is necessary to act in such a way as to provide the skin with biologically active substances that will stimulate the production of collagen fibers and regulate the secretion of melanin, stimulate cell renewal processes and moisturize the skin in its deep layers.

These are the ingredients in Intenskin. Let's get to know them.

Intenskin Ingredients:

Hyaluronic acid is responsible for smoothing wrinkles, restoring skin elasticity, stimulating cellular processes and skin cell regeneration. Referred to by everyone as the elixir of youth, it moisturises the deep layers of the skin for a long time, which Prevents loss of elasticity and smooths the complexion.

intenskin ingredients

Argan oil was used in this case because it is derived from natural sources and has protective properties against free radicals, which directly affect the appearance of facial skin. Additionally, argan oil regenerates and supports hydration processes.

Of all the ingredients in the cream, this olive oil has the strongest moisturizing properties. In the main It takes care of the proper hydration of the skin, prevents water loss, prevents loss of elasticity and flexibility. In addition, olive oil and its vitamins soothe inflammation of skin cells.

Biologically active agents are responsible for nourishing the facial skin vitamins & minerals contained in the serum. These ingredients have skin and pore cleansing properties, nourishes the skin which prevents water loss and reduces the signs of skin aging.

Effects after using Intenskin

As the manufacturer Intenskin assures the first The visible effects of the cream appear just a few days after you start using it regularly.

Women who have taken part in studies to test the effects of the cream mention that after one full treatment of Intenskin, they observed:

  • Nourishing the facial skin
  • Moisturize your face
  • Stimulating skin cells to regenerate
  • Facial Skin Smoothing
  • Reduction of the appearance of facial wrinkles
  • To even out facial skin tone
  • Improve facial tension and oval shape
  • Facelift
  • Flawless looking skin

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How does Intenskin work?

According to the manufacturer, Intenskin is already hailed as the No. 1 rejuvenating product because it provides comprehensive facial skin renewal.

This is the reputation that the cream has secured through action:

intenskin effects
  1. Smoothing - reducing wrinkles around the mouth, eyes and face Thanks to the active ingredients of the cream, the oval of the face is restored to its natural shape, the structures of the skin are lifted to obtain a smooth skin.
  2. Nourishment - Vitamin complex which is contained in the ingredients of the cream restores the skin's radiance. The complexion is radiant, firm and looks healthy.
  3. Protection - Strong SPF prevent the penetration of harmful radiation to the skin and eliminate the risk of creating new wrinkles due to negative environmental factors
  4. Hydration - a complex of minerals and ingredients with hydrating properties It reaches deep into the skin to deeply moisturize it. Well-moisturized skin instantly tightens, looks healthy and is full of radiance.

Women's feedback after one month of Intenskin treatment

"I have been using Intenskin for a month now. I recommend this cream. It adequately moisturizes my skin, absorbs quickly, and is good under makeup. After a month of use, I can see an improvement in the elasticity and firmness of my skin. It is tighter. After a hard night's sleep, you can't see signs of fatigue after applying the cream because it immediately tightens the skin. Wrinkles are smoothed out. I am buying a second pack because I am very satisfied".

Agnes, 38 years old

"After a month of use, I can confidently recommend this cream to all undecided women. I can already see a difference in the appearance of my skin. It is radiant, because the color has evened out, the lion's wrinkle, which was uncontrollable with aesthetic medicine treatments, is visibly shallowed. The skin is nice to the touch, smooth and has the former elasticity. The cream is worth any amount for such effects".

Agatha, 40 years old

" I have been using it for some time now. I can recommend it with a clear conscience. This cream is very good and I would even say that it is sensational. The first wrinkles appeared, the skin lost its firmness and former radiance. I did not want to inject myself right away because I think I am too young for that and I am afraid of needles. Intenskin is a great solution for me because my skin problems are gone. I am very glad that I did not let myself be persuaded into expensive cosmetic procedures. The cream has a nice scent, soaks in quickly, is not sticky and smooths out wrinkles like no other on the market. It feels great because I look great."  

Monica, 28 years old

Where to Buy Intenskin

You can order Intenskin from the cream manufacturer's website. Buying from other auctions or services is not a guarantee of the product. Buying from another source you can become a victim and buy a junk. Then the manufacturer is not responsible for it.

How do I shop at Intenskin?

As we have already mentioned, you can order the cream on the manufacturer's official website by filling out the form and providing your telephone number. An Intenskin representative will then call you and after a short conversation you will complete the formalities of your purchase.

Intenskin recommended by cosmetology experts

intenskin recommendations, intenskin contraindications

What is more interesting, as the manufacturer writes, Intenskin in such a short time, because it is new on the cosmetic market, has already received a recommendation from the Academy of Cosmetology and Skin Rejuvenation. Experts working there confirm the effectiveness of the cream through research. They suggest using the cream as a rejuvenating preparation to smooth out wrinkles and even out skin color and as a cream to prevent their formation. The experts also point out that in order to keep the skin in good condition, it is necessary to take care of its proper hydration level, and according to them Intenskin provides this.

The expert recommendations also have Ovashape Butt - serum for round buttocks.

How do I use Intenskin?

Before applying Intenskin, be sure to properly care for your skin by applying skin care products.

Focus on accurate cleaning Remove makeup from the face and gently remove it with a gel or micellar solution.

Strengthen your skin by use of Use a toner or lotion for this purpose and apply the product with a cotton swab in gentle circular motions over your face.

On the prepared skin with gentle movements pat the cream in In the eye area, and then spread it over the rest of your face.

Patting the products in stimulates circulation and further enhances the absorption of the active serum ingredients.

It is recommended to use the product twice a day. In the morning and in the evening.

In the morning, after the cream is completely absorbed, you can apply makeup.

Using Intenskin is safe because the cream is made of natural ingredients that do not cause side effects. People who are allergic to any of the ingredients in the cream should not use it. 

intenskin price

What is the price for Intenskin?

One pack of Intenskin currently costs 189 PLN, but only because there is a promotion going on right now. The normal price for the cream is much higher. Without the discount, the serum costs 378 PLN. There is no need to delay with the purchase, because it is not known until when the product will be discounted by as much as 50 %.

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