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Fungent cream for tinea pedis

Fungent has long been known as a cream that effectively allows you to combat and help cure tinea pedis. We read that it works quickly and the effects appear in a short time. In addition, the manufacturer assures that the product is safe, because it is composed of natural ingredients.

The application of the cream itself is simple, and most importantly it is not a prescription drug. You can order it online and start the treatment almost immediately, without the supervision of doctors. Is it worth to invest in the cream? What effects does its application bring? Is it effective in fighting tinea pedis? What is its composition and is it safe for health?

What is Fungent cream?

Fungent fights foot fungus effectively

Fungent cream is a product containing only natural ingredients that, concentrated in maximum doses, are supposed to effectively combat all symptoms of foot and nail fungus. Regular use of the cream will eliminate such symptoms of the disease as burning, itching, unpleasant odor, reddened skin, blisters, sores, and cracks in the skin between the toes. You can do the treatment at home, the product is available without a prescription. Its use has no side effects, the manufacturer writes.

Ringworm infection usually develops without the patient's awareness. The disease is initiated by contact with an infected person or with the surface on which the mycelium is found. Mycosis develops very quickly and symptoms appear a few days after infection. Initially there is burning and/or itching of the feet, the skin becomes red. After just a few days, small blisters appear on the skin and its cracks. Symptoms are extremely unpleasant and annoying. Often untreated tinea in addition to discomfort when walking is accompanied by an unpleasant smell.

It is best to start treatment at the first symptomswhich is supposed to quickly relieve the unpleasant symptoms of ringworm. On the website of the maker of Fungent cream, we see information that the cream also works in the later stages of the disease. However, we recommend using it right away to avoid unpleasantness and more serious health complications or the spread of the disease to the nails or cracks in the skin between the toes, ulceration, bleeding and peeling of the skin, which can lead to further bacterial and fungal infections.

Does Fungent cream fight ringworm?

Fungent gives quick results

Doctors point out that not treating the disease can cause many serious complications, which usually lead to the disease turning into a chronic skin disease. That's why with ringworm, it's so important to start treatment as soon as possible. The manufacturer of Fungent cream writes about the fact that the results are visible in just 3 months.

Specialists also report that this cream helps with more than just healing, but it is also effective when it comes to prevention, i.e. working to prevent the development of the disease. It is therefore recommended to apply the cream when using public bathrooms, toilets, showers, water complexes (swimming pools, saunas, Jacuzzi), gyms, fitness rooms. In such public places, where there is high humidity, fungi have an ideal environment to reproduce, and people using these places have a higher risk of infection.

Podiatrists also recommend preventive use of the cream for people who work physically or in the uniformed services, Because they have to spend most of their day in heavy, built-up footwear. Sweaty feet, lack of air permeability and moisture wicking also promote the development of ringworm.

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Manufacturer Page▶️
Price ❗❗ Promotion -50%
Ingredients🌿 100% natural
Is it safeYes, research supports this
Possibility of shipping abroad✅ Yes

Does Fungent effectively combat ringworm?

The manufacturer of Funostop+, before launching the cream on the market, had to conduct stringent tests of the cream to confirm its effectiveness and check whether the ingredients are safe for use.

In these studies conducted by the creator of Funogostop+, its effectiveness in supporting the treatment of foot and nail fungus has been confirmed. In comparison with other preparations for ringworm, tests have confirmed that it is more effective and works much faster - writes the manufacturer. Most importantly, the cream is safe because it is based on natural ingredients and does not contain harmful chemical compounds that could aggravate the symptoms of ringworm in case of numerous skin wounds.

Fungent action, effects, effectiveness

Fungent cream - Effects of regular use:

Fungent reviews

Fungent cream already has its supporters on the market among antifungal preparations. In preparing the review of this cream, we looked for comments on forums about the performance of this product. On the Internet, you can see from the ratings and reviews whether this cream really works. We have selected some of them to make it easier for you to decide whether it is worth buying this cream.

"I train regularly, I go to the gym several times a week. After a workout where my feet are often sweaty I use the locker room shared by the entire complex. Even though I use flip-flops I know that I am at risk for ringworm. At first I thought the flip-flops would prevent me from getting infected, but after a friend caught it I started using Fungostop+ cream prophylactically, which helped her effectively and quickly combat ringworm. Now I use the cream after every workout to prevent the disease. Monika

"The first time I caught ringworm I don't even know when or where. At first I thought it was a reaction to some shower gel, because the skin became red and itchy. I didn't know it was ringworm. It wasn't until I consulted a doctor that I found out I had a serious problem. I used some antibiotics that the doctor prescribed me, but I didn't feel well after them. Now that the problem returned I decided to act right away, but I didn't want to use strong antibiotic drugs again. This time I relied on natural, herbal ingredients. I bought Fungent. This cream is a real hit. Already at the first symptoms I started using it. The itching disappeared after just a few days. After 2 months there was no trace of ringworm. I recommend it!"

"The kids, after returning from the pool, brought ringworm, which, as it turned out, infected the whole family, because at home we go barefoot, without flip-flops or socks. We struggled terribly with the itching. The queue to the dermatologist was terribly long, I couldn't wait that long and started reading, searching and acting on my own. I found positive reviews about Funogstop+ cream and bought it right away, because many people recommended it.

The composition was natural, and that was also important, because I didn't want to give the children antibiotics, and that would probably have ended with a visit to the doctor. After a month, the whole family was already feeling better. Now we are over the illness. We use the gel prophylactically so that we don't get tired of it again. I can also recommend this cream because it works and is natural and safe."

Ingredients of Fungent cream

As we read on the manufacturer's website for Fungent cream and from user reviews, we know that the composition of the cream is mainly herbal. The manufacturer notes that it has used only well-known and team-tested natural ingredients.

The full formulation of the product can be found on the product leaflet and on the manufacturer's official website.

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How does Fungent cream work?

Fungent alleviates and eliminates symptoms of ringworm

The action of Fungent fungus cream is comprehensive. It is based primarily on the fact that the entire area affected by the disease alleviate and eliminate the symptoms of ringworm. When applied to the skin, the product forms a protective layer to prevent pathogenic microorganisms from entering wounds and protects against infection.

The most important actions of Fungent cream include:

  1. Skin disinfection
  2. Elimination of fungal pathogens
  3. Minimize burning and itching of the skin
  4. No bad smell
  5. Moisturizes and regenerates damaged skin
  6. Reduced foot perspiration
  7. Prevents proliferation of fungal spores
  8. Skin protection function

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Treatment with Fungent, Application

Using the cream on fungal infections of the feet is child's play. It is recommended to use the cream daily. Apply a small amount of cream on your feet and massage it in until it is completely absorbed. It is important to wash your hands thoroughly after application. For the desired effect, it is necessary to use the cream regularly until the complete disappearance of symptoms of mycosis. After the treatment, use the cream prophylactically to prevent recurrence of the disease.

Fungent manufacturer website

When First effects of using Fungent?

The manufacturer assures that the active ingredients of Fungent cream work almost from the first moment the product is applied. After the cream is absorbed, the burning and itching sensation in the feet is supposed to decrease. After the first week, skin redness and sores are supposed to be significantly less. After 14 days, the skin is regenerated and nourished and rebuilt. Fungal spores are destroyed and no longer multiply. Use the cream up to 3 months to provide protection against infection and relapse.

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Fungent Contraindications

A study conducted by the manufacturer showed, That the contraindication to the use of Fungent cream is an allergy to any of the product's ingredients, pregnancy and breastfeeding. In such cases, it is advisable to consult a doctor.

Where to Buy Fungent? How to order?

You can buy Fungent ringworm cream without leaving home via the manufacturer's website. The product is not available in other stores or pharmacies. The official website of the manufacturer is currently the only place where you can purchase and order the cream.

To order, fill out the purchase form available on the product manufacturer's website. After speaking with a company representative, expect your shipment, which arrives within a few days.

Fungent Price

Fungent promotional price

How much does Fungent cost?

The regular price for a tube of Fungent cream is $318. But right now on the manufacturer's website it is discounted by as much as 50%. It is for a limited time, but if you hurry you can buy the cream for 159 PLN.


Is Fungent effective in performance?

Yes, studies conducted by the manufacturer of Fungent confirm its effectiveness.

Why is Fungent cream so popular around the world?

The cream is popular because it effectively eliminates fungal pathogens, consists of natural ingredients, and has no side effects.

Can I order a product abroad if I do not live in Poland?

Yes, the manufacturer has made it possible to ship abroad, but then it is necessary to pay for the package by bank transfer

Is Fungent cream recommended by doctors?

Yes, the manufacturer states that many specialists around the world recommend the use of Fungent.

Is Fungent safe?

Yes, the research conducted on Fungent confirms that the cream is effective and safe. It does not cause any side effects.

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