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What are the causes, factors of hypertension? 

friocard lowers blood pressure for a healthy heart and healthy veins

Before you read more about FrioCard capsules in this article, please read about the origins and causes of high blood pressure. You can also visit the official website:

Hypertension is unfortunately already a widespread disease in the modern world. It is considered that when systolic blood pressure reaches > 140 mmHg and diastolic > 90 mm/Hg we speak about hypertension, elevated blood pressure. 

The latest research conducted by the American Heart Association indicates the norms of blood pressure values and according to them we can determine: 

A. elevated blood pressure is values between 120-129/<80 mm Hg 

B. grade 1 hypertension 130-139/80-89 mm Hg 

C. grade 2 hypertension > 140/90 mm Hg. 

Blood pressure is determined by the heart's minute volume, which is the amount of blood pumped by each chamber of the heart per minute, and by the total peripheral resistance, which is the resistance that the heart must overcome in order for blood to flow through the blood vessels throughout the circulatory system. 

It is estimated that approximately 12% humans have specific disorders that cause dysfunction in the physiological processes responsible for constant blood pressure. This may be due to kidney or thyroid disease, for example. Most people with high blood pressure, however, suffer from primary hypertension, i.e., hypertension whose cause has not yet been investigated. 

It is impossible to determine the factor that causes hypertension, but there are known reasons that increase the likelihood of developing high blood pressure. The main one is genetic, that is, having relatives in the family who suffer from hypertension. It has been documented that high blood pressure is more common in people with darker skin. It has also been found that as we age, blood vessels become more rigid and this makes them not work efficiently, leading to increased total peripheral resistance. 

take care of your heart health with friocard supplement

Many patients can lower high blood pressure by changing their diet and lifestyle accordingly. Excessive weight, lack of physical activity, a diet high in salt and smoking definitely increase the risk of developing the disease. 

The factors which contribute to the occurrence of elevated blood pressure are mainly genetic. The genes responsible for the nervous and hormonal regulation of blood pressure are disrupted and do not work at a normal level. 

High salt intake, physical inactivity, obesity, and addictions have been found to increase the risk of hypertension. Kidney disease (narrowing of the renal artery), endocrine disease (for example, hyper- or hypothyroidism) will also affect blood pressure above normal. 

Symptoms of high blood pressure 

High blood pressure can cause nosebleeds, headaches, shortness of breath or dizziness. These symptoms usually occur only when the blood pressure has risen to life-threatening levels. However, most people with hypertension do not have any symptoms, even if the blood pressure value is very high. 

Who is statistically most likely to develop hypertension? 

Hypertension occurs on a large scale among the people of our globe, if you have it, you are certainly not the only one. According to statistics, more than 35% adults have high blood pressure and suffer from heart disease and stroke. 

Hypertension is common in middle-aged men (45+), in women 65+. Physical inactivity, unhealthy diet and obesity also cause blood pressure problems In children. Geographically, region does not matter, as hypertension is common in developing countries as well as those at the bottom of the pile. 

What can you do to lower your blood pressure? 

A lifestyle change is definitely needed. Following a healthy diet, combating nutrient deficiencies and certainly limiting salt intake. Additionally, limiting high-fat and high-calorie foods.  

Healthy blood vessels and arteries keep your blood pressure in check and the friocard supplement helps

Increase your physical activity, exercise regularly, it will help and give you energy and reduce stress. Reducing or even stopping smoking and alcohol consumption is the first step to maintaining normal blood pressure. 

It is possible to detect the disease at an earlier stage and then take steps to reduce the side effects, as long as you measure your blood pressure regularly and visit specialist doctors. Also remember about supplements, if you can use Friocard, it regulates blood pressure and according to the manufacturer you can get rid of this problem. 

What is the FrioCard? 


FrioCard is a product made from natural ingredients that regulates blood pressure. The manufacturer and its products are very successful not only in Europe, but also in countries such as the USA and Canada. Reviews and reviews of experts, customers are very good, the products that its scientists create have very good reviews and are very effective in action. The mentioned pills also do not stand out from the top products that the brand has brought to the market, excellent reviews and comments confirm the knowledge of diseases and health problems that can befall any of us. 

Capsules are easy to use on a daily basis, the package is sufficient for the entire treatment and contains detailed instructions for use, description of the composition. The product has no contraindications in use, no allergic reactions or side effects were detected, and a number of tests were performed before obtaining permits and certificates allowing its sale. 

Who is FrioCard for and what does it help? 

Research confirms that stress reduction is a factor that positively influences blood pressure levels in the body. The right ingredients of FrioCard perfectly cope with this, the plant extracts contained in the capsules largely have a positive effect on mood, eliminate stress, relieve nervousness. In general, the capsules lower blood pressure, but they do it indirectly, among other things, by reducing the rudder.

researchers confirm that friocard lowers blood pressure

FrioCard normalizes heart and respiratory rhythms, dilates blood vessels (mainly aortas) and can control the nervous system, similarly it works corsanum. The capsules help people suffering from hypertension, and are especially useful during the summer, when definitely the environment is not conducive to the proper functioning of the circulatory system. 

Friocard in tablets reduces the burden on the heart and blood vessels, supports the work of the respiratory system. Its action is based on natural ingredients and trace elements, it takes place completely safe for the body. 

The pills improve blood flow to the brain, improve vision. The manufacturer after their research states that memory is improved, energy returns. 

Men who regularly use Friocard tablets have seen an increase in libido, which can be explained by better blood work and stress relief. 

How does the FrioCard work? 

Friocard can support the work of the circulatory system, the entire cardiovascular system. It affects the heart and blood vessels. Clinically tested and supported by positive reviews, the effectiveness is mainly due to the fact that the active substances from the capsules act in the body. They are very quickly distributed in the bloodstream mainly because of their natural origin (they are organic), and this affects their absorption.

Check your blood pressure regularly and use friocard if it gets too high

Practically immediately after dosing, it lowers blood pressure, restores the natural level, quite below the norm considered critical. The ingredients also have an analgesic effect, actively nourish damaged vascular tissues, their normal work is restored. Then the metabolism accelerates, the functioning of the urinary, circulatory and nervous systems returns to normal, and toxins and cholesterol are removed safely. 

FrioCard composition 

Since we are talking about the excellent effect of removing stress then surely the composition must include balm and so it is. In addition, it affects the normalization of the respiratory system and the entire cardiovascular system. 

Also present is vitamin B6It normalizes blood pressure, widens blood vessels, which results in increased blood flow to the brain. It has a positive effect on the nervous system. Another extract for lowering blood pressure is hawthorn. It relieves fatigue and irritability brilliantly. Research results show that it definitely reduces heart arrhythmia. 

Garlic known in folk medicine since it came to us from China. It has an effect in the circulatory system on preventing the formation of blood clots and strengthening the walls of blood vessels in general. Garlic is known to be excellent at lowering blood pressure. 

However, the critical ingredient is hawthorn extract, specifically from its berries. The manufacturer has covered with secrecy how it was obtained, but we know that it is the base of FioCard capsules. The extract obtained in this way increases the blood supply to the coronary vessels and the brain, improves the sensitivity of the heart muscle to glycosides and can restore blood pressure to normal. 

How do I use FrioCard capsules? 

The manufacturer's main recommendation when using FrioCard is to completely avoid salt and sugar so that they do not interfere with the ingredients in the tablets. The tablets should be taken twice a day with meals. You should continue the treatment until your blood pressure is normalised and you no longer feel stressed or nervous. 

Is FrioCard effective? 

The manufacturer and users of FrioCard blood pressure lowering tablets notice that the strain on the heart is reduced, blood vessels work more efficiently and without excessive strain, and blood pressure normalizes. Discomforts such as headaches, shortness of breath, or heartaches disappear, and memory improves.

The effectiveness of friocard is confirmed by reviews

The effectiveness is confirmed by the interested parties themselves as well as by numerous certificates obtained not only in Europe. 

Is it safe to take FrioCard capsules? 

The supplement has undergone positive testing in North America and then in Europe. It was found to be safe and completely without adverse effects on patients during clinical trials. 

Most reviews claim to improve health by improving cardiovascular function, with no complaints of side effects or any adverse reactions. 

FrioCard reviews 

The manufacturer points to online forums, medical websites and direct opinions from scientists and professionals who deal with blood circulation problems. You can follow this trail and learn for yourself the opinions directly from people who have used or are using FrioCard. 

And if you are wasting your time searching the internet, I can summarize what I found about the supplement. Virtually every review I've seen reports that blood pressure has returned to normal, that cholesterol balance has returned, and that noticeably the body has become stronger and overall there is less nervousness and stress on the body. 

Definitely improves the overall efficiency of the cardiovascular system and normalizes blood pressure, is the most common opinion I have noted. 

You can take care of your heart with the friocard supplement

How much does the FrioCard cost? Price

Probably while reading the composition, specifications and how FrioCard affects the body you think about the price of this supplement. You're probably trying to compare its effects with pills you know from the pharmacy, and you notice that none of them have as deep an effect and are not as effective. 

So how much do FrioCard supplement tablets cost? I won't keep you in suspense. Currently, you can buy the supplement at a discount that is quite significant, as it goes as low as -50%.

Where to order the FrioCard? Store, Allegro, Pharmacy 

Here the matter is not as obvious as you think. As you already know, the supplement has a wide and effective effect on the body. You will not buy such a supplement on allegro or in a pharmacy. Perhaps somewhere there will be something similar, but not with such a proven effect. 

Thanks to the manufacturer, you can buy FrioCard blood pressure lowering tablets only from the manufacturer's website:  

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