Flat belly diet

flat belly diet
flat belly diet

You can't achieve a flat stomach without proper diet and exercise. Diet is especially important here, because excess calories will be deposited at the waist first. On top of that, heavy foods cause bloating, which also enlarge the belly and make it difficult to model a slim waist. So what should you eat to enjoy a flat stomach?

Which diet for a flat stomach ?

Starving yourself will not help !!!

A common mistake in many weight loss diets is the introduction of starvation. Many people think that the easiest way to achieve a flat stomach is by simply not eating or very restricting calories, but such tactics have exactly the opposite effecti. Starvation does not work because the body quickly learns to make provisions vs. burn fat - needs energy to survive, and since food is scarce, more stores go into fat tissue, and the calories consumed are digested very slowly. So paradoxically, you will lose weight faster by eating larger amounts if your diet is structured in the right way

Eating Regularly - Is it Important?

what for weight loss

In addition to the meals themselves, the regularity of the meals eaten is also extremely important. It is ideal if you eat at the same time every day, then the digestive system works much more efficiently, metabolism speeds up, the body has no tendency to accumulate fat. It is also good to eat small but frequent meals, that is why a menu consisting of five light dishes is always better for the figure than two more satiating meals. It is also necessary to remember not to eat too many carbohydrates in the evening - their number should be limited and at the same time increase the intake of protein, which is more useful before going to bed

Remember to exercise !!!

Exercise is also essential. Diet is responsible for most of the success, but without exercise you can hardly do without it, because it is through exercise that muscles are developed. These do not have to be very exhausting workouts, cardio three or four times a week is enough, plus waist shaping exercises and strengthening abdominal muscles.

What should a diet for a slim stomach look like?

Certainly in the diet for a slim belly there is no place for sweets, salty snacks, instant dishes (a lot of salt and sugar), fast food, carbonated drinks. You should also limit the consumption of fried dishes and dishes consisting of bloating products: onions, peas, beans, etc. The enemy of a flat stomach is also white bread, which should be replaced by wholemeal bread - the same with pasta. Fruits are also treacherous - they contain a lot of sugars, so although they are necessary in the daily diet, you should not overeat them and certainly should not eat them just before bedtime.

So what can you eat ?

Instead, you can eat raw vegetables, groats, brown rice without much restriction. Lean dairy products, especially natural yogurt, are also an essential component of any healthy diet. You also need fats, but healthy ones, such as olive oil and oily sea fish. You can also add lean meat, such as poultry or roast pork loin.

what to eat for a flat stomach
flat stomach

Sample menu for a flat belly !!!

In a slimming diet you do not have to stick to the same meals all the time, in fact you should not - the more varied the menu, the better for your slim figure and health. Meals can be composed at will, simply using those less caloric ingredients. It is also important not to overeat at night, especially carbohydrates - dinner should be eaten about two to three hours before going to bed. If you follow these rules, your waistline will become visibly narrower after about two weeks, and this effect will get worse with each week.

A typical diet menu, for example, looks like this:

For breakfast we prepare oatmeal with some nuts or fry a pancake of buckwheat groats and sliced apples, to drink we make herbal tea without sugar. For a second breakfast is ideal healthy dessert made of fruit and natural yogurt. For lunch it is worth preparing something warm, such as cream of tomato soup or roast chicken with salad. As an afternoon snack you can have a handful of nuts, not too sweet fruit, cottage cheese with radishes, or a light sandwich with mozzarella and tomato. For dinner you can prepare a salad of brown rice and tuna or a salad of salmon, cucumber and lettuce.

How to maintain a diet and a flat stomach ?

Changing your eating habits is more effective because once the diet is over, the way you eat stays pretty much the same, so your belly will stay flat for a very long time. Fast low calorie diets have the disadvantage that they are extremely strict, which means that quickly after finishing them you go back to your old habits and your waistline widens again, the yoyo effect appears.

It is also worth arranging your diet to include as many tasty products as possible, which you really like, then maintaining it is much easier, because it is not associated with heavy sacrifices.

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