Eternelle Wrinkle Cream Reviews, Effects, Price

eternelle cream

Eternelle cream for wrinkles or you can meet it under the more original name Éternelle will be the main focus of our attention in this article.

There is no escape from old age. But is it possible to delay it even a little? Manufacturers of cosmetics outdo each other in coming up with new formulas to maintain youthful appearance forever, but so far without success. This does not mean that cosmetics do not work at all. There are creams that really have a rejuvenating effect, take years away, and smooth the skin. Is Eternelle one of them?

Eternelle - what is this cosmetic?

Can an anti-wrinkle cream remove all wrinkles? Not likely. It can, however, shallow them enough to make the skin look much younger and more radiant. Good quality anti-wrinkle creams are able to take years away, but we should not delude ourselves that each cosmetic will give exactly the same stunning effect. Usually you have to pay a lot for such an effect, because rejuvenating ingredients are valuable and often difficult to obtain, so truly effective rejuvenating treatments are not available to everyone.

eternelle cream

Eternelle promises to remove wrinkles at a reasonable price. According to the manufacturer's promises, the skin is supposed to regain its ideal condition after using this cream. Wrinkles should become invisible and the skin is supposed to regain its taut texture. This method is much safer than botox or other invasive rejuvenating treatments, although you have to reckon with the fact that the expected results will not happen overnight, but you have to be patient.

Eternelle Price

How much does Eternelle cream cost?

The cream is not very cheap because you have to pay about 159 PLN for one tubeAnd this is a promotional price - in normal sale Éternelle costs 338 PLN. Why such a high price of the cream? It is because of the unique composition of the cream, ingredients the acquisition and processing of which involves high costs.

Where to buy Éternelle cream 

The cream cannot be purchased at a pharmacy or stationary drugstore. Éternelle can only be ordered online, and virtually only on the manufacturer's website cream. Sometimes eternelle wrinkle cream appears on online auctions, but because of the risk of buying a fake, it is better to place orders on the official website of the manufacturer.

The original composition of Eternelle

cream eternelle dziłanie effects

Main ingredients of the cream 4 active ingredients of plant origin: Sytenol A, Dolcevia®, Sterocare PH and Early Boost. Due to this rich composition also cosmetic companies started to be interested in them, because in addition to this I have here collagen, hyaluronic acid and others. What is so valuable in these ingredients that they help eliminate wrinkles?

The most important ingredients in Eternelle wrinkle cream , also contain substances that are used to remove wrinkles, are:

- amino acids - there are as many as 20 of them in the cream, thanks to them the skin is perfectly moisturized, the epidermis retains its softness, wrinkles form more slowly;

- Vitamin C, which protects the skin against dryness caused by UV radiation, destroys free radicals responsible for the formation of wrinkles and brightens the skin;

- Vitamin E with moisturizing, smoothing and protective properties;

- B vitamins that help rebuild the structure of the skin and accelerate its regeneration;

- betaine with moisturizing properties;

- Iron, which helps the skin maintain a nice, uniform shade.

Application of the cream Éternelle


Éternelle wrinkle cream does not require complicated care. The cream is simply applied to the face and gently spread over the skin, taking care not to get in the eyes. Before applying the cream, remove all make-up and cleanse the skin with toner or lotion. The cream can be applied at any time of the day, but the best application is at night, because then the skin regenerates, so the ingredients of the cream are better absorbed.

Is Eternelle anti-wrinkle cream safe?

Éternelle It is based on natural ingredients, so it should not harm you. According to users, allergic reactions are very rare, the cream generally does not cause rashes or itching of the skin. The manufacturer ensures that this cosmetic has been thoroughly tested, is suitable for all skin types, even for the sensitive and delicate ones.

In case of doubt, you can always perform an allergy test by spreading a little cream on a small area of skin - if no alarming symptoms appear within a few hours, the cosmetic is suitable for use. If an allergy occurs, discontinue application .

Eternelle Opinions

The manufacturer promises very good results - Eternelle cream is supposed to eliminate wrinkles, restore skin firmness and elasticity, even skin tone, rebuild damaged epidermis. The cream works right away, so after just a few days, your face should look younger and more attractive, and it's also better moisturized.

Anti Wrinkle Cream Effectiveness

Customers are mostly satisfied with the performance of Eternelle. The comments rarely contain any dissatisfaction, most often Eternelle is praised for its effects and quick action. The disadvantage of the cream is, above all, its price, but even here customers admit that for high quality cosmetics, you have to pay, and in this regard Éternelle does not differ significantly from the competition.

It is worth remembering, however, that not every woman will see exactly the same changes in herself. Eternelle can be effective, but if you have a lot of deep wrinkles, you are unlikely to expect your face to smooth out completely. Eternelle won't miraculously reverse the entire aging process, it will mainly help when the skin isn't so deeply wrinkled yet.

What is Eternelle Cream ?

This is an anti-wrinkle cream for daytime use

Is Eternelle effective?

It is a product tested and used by thousands of women who themselves speak of its effectiveness

Is anti-arthritis cream safe to use?

It is a cream made from natural ingredients, completely safe for any middle-aged woman

Are there any contraindications to using eternelle cream ?

The only contraindication is an allergy to any of the ingredients contained in the preparation

How fast does the anti-arthritis cream work ?

The first effects are visible after the first weeks of use

Can I buy Eternelle cream at the pharmacy ?

No, the manufacturer has reserved the sale of the product which is sold only on its official website

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