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Desir Eternel is a collection of perfumes with pheromones for men and women. It attracts with its original, very attractive scent, and in addition has another valuable advantageę. We are talking about pheromones, which are in the composition of perfumes and it is thanks to them that you can from now on achieve greater success in private life, as well as in professional life. From our article you will learn how such perfumes work and what you can expect from their use.

What are the effects of using Desir Eternel pheromone perfume?

desir eternel ingredients

Desir Eternel helps to achieve social success. Pheromones make you bolder, help you become more open and approachable, but what is most important in this perfume is a completely different perception by those around you. A person smelling of Desir Eternel attracts the opposite sex, arouses desire and passion, easily seduces and seems much more attractive.

Who is recommended to use Desir Eternel perfume?

There are two series of Desir Eternel perfumes, one specifically for women and the other designed for men. The final effect is the same, that is, a much greater chance of successful sex and relationship, although depending on the gender, the perfumes differ in composition and expose slightly different features. Desir Eternel perfume should appeal to everyone, because it smells very attractive and thanks to it you can fully present your strengths.

People who are confident and feisty can emphasize the greatest advantages with Desir Eternel perfume, while when the problem is precisely the lack of confidence and a sense of attractiveness, pheromones will effectively change this perception.

Where does the uniqueness of Desir Eternel perfume come from?

When choosing a partner, smell plays a key role, although many people do not even realize it. However, it is not just a matter of smell alone, but also of pheromones, which despite their extremely delicate scent have a very strong effect on others. Pheromones reach as chemical signals to the funnel organ, located inside the nasal cavity. The vomeronasal organ sends the chemical signals further to the hypothalamus, activating specific reactions.

Pheromones affect the subconscious, which explains their very high effectiveness. The body produces pheromones naturally, but not always in large enough doses, which is why some people have an aura of uniqueness around them, while others find it much more difficult to establish relationships. Desir Eternel changes this by providing pheromones in high concentrations.

How does Desir Eternel perfume increase success with the opposite sex?

Pheromones as a smell can hardly be felt at all, anyway, this is not their main task - they are primarily to reach the subconscious with specific messages. Pheromones are an important part of non-verbal communication, and as chemical signals, they enable the rapid transmission of important messages about health, dominance, personality, sexual readinessThey affect mood, attitude towards a partner, even the secretion of hormones. This is an extremely effective lure to the opposite sex, so people who do not secrete them naturally can use Desir Eternel perfumes.

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The pheromones in Desir Eternel are transmitters of excitement. A potential partner receives them completely unconsciously. Pheromones determine reactions and behavior, build tension, put one in a good mood, and encourage intimacy. A scent of Desir Eternel Femme was prepared for women, whereas the perfume for men is Desir Eternel Homme.

How to use Desir Eternel to feel the effects?

Desir Eternel does not require any special application. They are sprayed just like any other perfume, but it is important to get Desir Eternel right on your skin and not on your clothes because it only works when it comes in contact with your body. The best places to spray Desir Eternel perfume are the neckline, neck, and wrists. When using Desir Eternel, there is no need to use any other perfume, and the scent of the pheromones can be enhanced by an odorless cream applied to the skin.

What pheromones are used in Desir Eternel Homme?

Desir Eternel Homme are for men. These perfumes mainly use those pheromones that are associated with masculinity, strength and dominance. Androstadienone is a pheromone that indicates a strong personality. It helps to approach a woman and inspire confidence in her. A man smelling with this pheromone is appreciated in company and highly valued by women. A similar effect has androstenol. This pheromone also affects the excitement of a woman, increasing her desire for sex and a close relationship with a man. Androstenol increases man's attractiveness, thanks to which women are more favorable to him, it also sends information about good health, vitality and high sexual performance.

desir eternel homme perfume for men

Androstenone is the pheromone responsible for dominance and aggression, which is why it is paired with androstenone, which somewhat mitigates its strong effects. Androstenone helps to make a positive impression on women and deters male competitors, increases desire and boosts self-confidence. Under the influence of androstenone women feel calmer, safer, relaxed and open.

What are the benefits of using Desir Eternel Homme?

If a man lacks self-confidence, using Desir Eternel Homme will definitely get rid of this problem. With Desir Eternel Homme, a man becomes much more attractive and appealing to women, he is perceived as very strong but caring at the same time. The pheromones in Desir Eternel Homme build positive dominance, add boldness and seductive charm to a man, increase libido. The man gains so much in the eyes of the opposite sex that also the most attractive women are strongly influenced by him and are more willing to yield to him.

Desir Eternel with pheromones, moreover, have an effect on other men as well. In this regard, pheromones make it easier to build authority and gain respect, easily convince those around you and consolidate a position as an effective leader.

What pheromones can be found in Desir Eternel Femme?

desir eternel femme perfume with pheromones for women

The second version of Desir Eternel is a perfume for women. Desir Eternel Femme has other pheromones in its composition, more associated with femininity and enhancing these qualities. Estratetraenol is a pheromone that attracts a man's interest, focuses his attention on a woman, stimulates desire and encourages close acquaintance. A woman smelling of this pheromone is perceived as more sexy, open, attractive and intriguing. Estratetraenol is very effective in building an erotic atmosphere, encourages men to be active and show care for a woman.

Copulin, the second pheromone found in Desir Eternel Femme, is a pheromone that emphasizes femininity, informs about fertility and activity. A man sensing copulin becomes highly stimulated, he cares about closeness and a woman seems to him very sexy and attractive. Copulin puts in a good mood, a woman emitting this pheromone feels good in the company of men and has no difficulty in establishing contact with them.

What are the advantages of using Desir Eternel Femme perfume?

A woman who smells Desir Eternel Femme is more attractive to men, regardless of her appearance. She gains sex appeal, is more confident, alluring, attractive, with a likable, attractive personality. Women who were previously unsuccessful, after using Desir Eternel Femme perfume, notice a very big change in men's behavior, as well as their own - they more often arouse interest in the opposite sex, receive compliments, are not abashed in male company.

Desir Eternel Femme prove to be helpful also on social and professional grounds. Women who wear this perfume are more liked by their surroundings, more willing to cooperate with them, they are treated more seriously and appreciated for their achievements. Thanks to Desir Eternel perfume, a woman does not lack boldness in difficult situations and knows how to gain trust.

Reviews of Desir Eternel Perfume

What do you hear from customers who use Desir Eternel?

"I laughed a little at my friend when he told me about the pheromones, but my laughter completely passed when we went to a club together. I would never have believed that he was so popular with women, but I saw with my own eyes that he was getting phone numbers from the prettiest girls, none of them turned him down. Since it is so, I also ordered myself Desir Eternel Homme. And in fact, girls smile at me by themselves, going out on a date is no challenge for me now." Patrick

"Desir Eternel Homme are simply fantastic. No pick-up tricks work like this perfume. You just spray on, go out, and everything falls into place perfectly, girls are eager to strike up a conversation, they even ask you out themselves, which I personally have never experienced before. Over the past few weeks I've met a lot of girls and now I'm the one who can choose who I want to go out with again." Olek

"I've been using Desir Eternel Femme for a week now and I can hot share my impressions. Unusually are this perfume! Since high school I was a grey mouse, boys were not interested in me at all, it was even worse in my adult life. And now? I haven't changed a thing about myself, but still someone looks at me, picks me up, invites me somewhere. How good that someone came up with the idea of these pheromones." Marta

"At my age dating? Yes, it's very possible. I can't remember when I've enjoyed the attention I do now, but I know where it comes from. It's Desir Eternel Femme, a perfume with pheromones, which I heard about by accident. I bought it, I'm using it, I really appreciate it." Dominika

When do I see the first effects of Desir Eternel?

You will notice the effects after the first use of the perfume. They work in every case, you just need to choose a version adapted to your gender. The effect of Desir Eternel has been confirmed by studies and it is clear that people who use the perfume with pheromones have a more successful personal life and are more appreciated by the opposite sex.Where to order Desir Eternel? How much can you buy them for?

Where to buy Eternel perfume? Manufacturer's website

desir eternel price, manufacturer, where to buy

Original Desir Eternel perfume with pheromones is sold only on the manufacturer's website. When ordering, you provide only the information you need for shipping, and the online payment process is completely secure. The package with Desir Eternel perfume is packed discreetly, without revealing the contents.

Desir Eternel Price - How much do they cost

The price of Desir Eternel Femme and Desir Eternel Homme is the same, but you have to mark the right option in the form. A single piece of the perfume costs 139 PLN plus shipping costs. When you order two pieces, you pay 160 PLN (free shipping). The three-pack of Desir Eternel is the cheapest one because the total price is 417 PLN and one more perfume is free. Additionally, you can order other products of this brand at a lower price from the manufacturer.


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