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Corsanum tablets is a heart supplement that works to strengthen and help prevent dangerous cardiovascular diseases. It is made of natural ingredients and is considered to be very effective, as the reviews of many people who have taken this remedy already show. In our review, we will show you exactly what the Corsanum formula looks like and what you can expect from such a treatment.

The manufacturer of Corsanum is withdrawing the product from the market and it is being replaced by a modern improved formula called Lipid Control Plus, you can check out this product right now on the manufacturer's website

What is Corsanum?

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The heart is a very important organ, and any cardiovascular disease can be life-threatening. This is why a healthy lifestyle is so important, and since a daily diet is not always enough, additional supplementation is often recommended.

Corsanum is a supplement that is designed to:

  • streamline
  • stabilize blood pressure
  • increase oxygenation
  • increase red blood cell production
  • strengthen the heart muscle so that it functions properly

A similar effect can be observed with the use of Tonerin capsules which we have previously described in another article on our website.

Returning to Corsanum - According to the information provided by the manufacturer, regular intake gives very good results, health improves, and the risk of heart disease clearly decreases. The supplement can be bought without a prescription, the leaflet describes in detail the dosage of Corsanum and a list of contraindications.

How do I take Corsanum tablets?

According to specialistsWhen it comes to a healthy heart, proper diet is key - you need to eat plenty of fiber, complete carbohydrates, and healthy omega 3 fats.

Corsanum specialist reviews, what effects to expect, forum

These are not large requirements, but even so, it is not always easy to take care of them, and when the state of health is far from ideal, a supplement such as Corsanum Is a very valuable support. For improvement, two tablets a day are enough, but you need to take them every day, for at least one month - that's how long a single pack of the supplement is enough. It is not recommended to increase this dose, but it is slow to extend supplementation.

Corsanum tablets composition

The advertisement says that Corsanum is a natural product. What does the leaflet show? There are plant extracts alone plus iron, supplementation of which is very important for heart problems. All of the ingredients found in Corsanum have very valuable, health-promoting properties, and have long been used in natural medicine to strengthen for the heart. Here they are:

Resveratrol extracted from grape seeds

The grapevine is known for its beneficial effects on the cardiovascular system, and this is due precisely to resveratrol. This substance is a powerful antioxidant, and free radicals are a great threat to the heart muscle, impeding its regeneration and destroying stem cells. Resveratrol fights inflammation, protects against viruses and bacteria, and helps increase protection against cancer. Additionally, it lowers sugar and normalizes heart rhythm.

Hawthorn flower extract

corsanum composition, what ingredients it contains, what it says on the package leaflet

Hawthorn also has many benefits when it comes to protecting the heart. It lowers blood pressure, regulates the frequency of heart contractions, and fights free radicals that attack the heart muscle. Supports the immune system. Often added to other preparations for the cardiovascular system, it is also in the already described here CardioActive drops. Hawthorn has calming properties, thus avoiding excessive stress that stresses the heart. It lowers bad cholesterol and triglyceride levels.

Oregano extract

Oregano is not only an aromatic spice, it also has health-promoting properties. Oregano extract provides carvacrol, which traps and removes free radicals from the body, stabilizes blood pressure and strengthens blood vessels.

Coriander leaves

Coriander is very good for hypertension problemsIt also effectively removes toxins from the body. It lowers the level of bad cholesterol and raises the concentration of the good fraction, thanks to which atherosclerotic plaques do not form in blood vessels.

European olive leaf extract

A valuable component of olive is oleuropein, a substance with antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and antiviral effects. It calms the heart and lowers blood pressure. Important for the immune system.


This element is involved in many vital processes, and is particularly important for the cardiovascular system. Iron increases the number of red blood cells, is responsible for the proper transport of oxygen, and protects the heart against too intensive exertion. Iron supplementation prevents anemia and heart muscle damage.

How does Corsanum support heart function?

More and more people have excessively high blood pressure. Although the symptoms may not be alarming at first, it is a serious threat to the entire body. Hypertension leads to hypertrophy of the left ventricle and impaired circulation, which also affects other internal organs.

Corsanum stabilizes blood pressure, so that it has a normal value. It also protects blood vessels from the formation of atherosclerotic plaques - such plaques can, after some time, break off from the vessel wall and block the source of the artery, which ends in a heart attack or stroke.

Thanks to Corsanum, blood flow is adequately fast and blood vessels are less susceptible to damage. The heart works in a normal rhythm, without sudden pressure spikes or unpleasant palpitations. The amount of free radicals is reduced, so that the heart does not experience damage and can regenerate naturally.

Corsanum also helps with cholesterol. The aforementioned atherosclerotic plaques are formed by an excess of bad cholesterol, i.e. the LDL fraction. Triglycerides are also lowered during Corsanum supplementation.

Corsanum reviews

There are very many such positive posts about Corsanum. It is a supplement that gets high marks mainly for its natural composition, mild action and high effectiveness. Most people who have used it are of the opinion that it works well as a preparation for cholesterol and high blood pressure.

What kind of opinions, comments we find on forums and health portals

"My grandfather died after a heart attack, I know what it means to have heart problems. As soon as I noticed the first symptoms of hypertension in myself, I immediately started to take action. I improved the quality of my diet and, just to be sure, I also bought a Corsanum supplement, about which I had read many positive reviews. It didn't take long before my blood pressure returned to normal. Adam

"When you're overweight, unfortunately, your heart starts failing faster, and that's exactly what happened to me. I had high blood pressure and was at risk of atherosclerosis, so I had to start more intensive treatment. I ordered Corsanum, because it has a much better composition than other supplements for the heart and it also provides iron, which I didn't have enough of. It has helped me a lot and I will certainly continue taking it. Iwona

"I enjoy my job, but it is very stressful. It took a toll on my heart and I often experienced painful palpitations or stabbing pains in my chest. I started paying more attention to what I was eating and moving more, plus I bought myself some Corsanum. It's a very good supplement, it worked quickly and my mood has improved significantly. Malwina

Can everyone use Corsanum?

Corsanum can be used as a supplement as a preventative measure to protect the heart and cardiovascular system. It is a remedy recommended as support in the fight against atherosclerosis and hypertensionHowever, the manufacturer emphasizes that the supplement should not be used as a substitute for medication prescribed by your doctor - the supplement is just an additional support. Usually there is no problem with including the capsules in the drug treatment prescribed by your doctor, but to be sure, you can check in for a consultation.

What are the contraindications to taking Corsanum ?

corsanum contraindications, side effects, when not to use tablets

Do not take Corsanum while pregnant or breastfeeding. The product is not suitable for minors or people who are allergic to the plant components of the tablets.

Corsanum has not been found to cause side effects as long as it is dosed as stated by the supplement manufacturer. The heart supplement is especially recommended for people who are at risk, such as the elderly, those with high blood pressure, obesity, and sedentary lifestyles.

Benefits of taking Corsanum tablets:

Corsanum is good for the condition of the heart muscle and protects it from damage and other complications. Thanks to Corsanum, it is easier to normalize blood pressure and heart rate, and the work of the heart becomes regular, without arrhythmia. Corsanum improves circulation and strengthens blood vessels.

Where to order Corsanum? Can I buy it at the Pharmacy ?

The manufacturer of Corsanum is withdrawing the product from the market and it is being replaced by a modern improved formula called Lipid Control Plus, you can check out this product right now on the manufacturer's website

corsanum price, how much does it cost, where to buy, official website, manufacturer

Corsanum is not available in pharmacies. The manufacturer sells directly, so that customers can take advantage of the lowest possible price. That is why it is advised against looking for tablets on other sites - they may be even cheaper than at the manufacturer, but that is only because they are not original. Authentic Corsanum tablets with quality certification are sold only on the official sales site.

The order is placed through the form. In the order it is necessary to give the data for shipment, and the payment can be made in advance, by card or online transfer, or at the collection of the parcel from the courier. You can order Corsanum abroad, but then there is no payment on delivery option. Orders are fulfilled within one working day.

Corsanum Price

How much does Corsanum cost? - The product can be ordered in three different packages. A single package, for a month of supplementation, costs the most expensive. By ordering a package consisting of two packs at once, you can save some money . Even cheaper is the optimal package, consisting of three packs, The manufacturer adds a fourth package free of charge to the order.

How much they costCheck out Available Packages
Where To BuyOfficial Site Only
Number of tablets per pack60 pieces
Buying from a PharmacyNo
Ingredients of corsanumNatural Composition
ContraindicationsYes - Allergy to ingredients

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