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Ciliash moisturizing eyelash conditioner

Ciliash is an eyelash conditioner. It can be purchased at a promotional price, but only through the manufacturer's official website. Using it helps lengthen and thicken eyelashes, which in their natural form usually do not look attractive enough. The conditioner is an effective way to improve the condition of eyelashes, so that it will no longer be necessary to apply makeup. According to the manufacturer, the conditioner contains ingredients with special properties that make it possible to strengthen eyelashes quickly and permanently. How does this treatment take place and who can benefit from it?

Ciliash Price

Ciliash can be purchased in packages at a lower price

How much can you get Ciliash conditioner for?

Does the Ciliash conditioner really work? If someone is not yet convinced about this product, he can order just one pack to start with. This is enough to slightly strengthen your eyelashes and improve their appearance, which should encourage you to continue the treatment. Shipping costs are also included in this option.

For a longer and more complete treatment, two packages of Ciliash, which can be ordered in a special package, should suffice. The price of such a package is reduced by 8%, which means you can see that it is much more profitable to buy two at once, instead of placing two separate orders. The two-pack not only costs cheaper, but you also don't pay anything extra for the delivery of the package. Free delivery also applies to the largest package. Such a package consists of a total of four packages - the customer pays only for three, this fourth is added by the manufacturer free of charge, which gives as much as 25% discount.

What is the Ciliash conditioner used for?

Thick, long eyelashes They add depth to the look and look very seductive. Unfortunately, nature does not always bestow such eyelashes, which is why most women paint their eyes or choose to attach artificial eyelashes. In addition, the condition of eyelashes often deteriorates due to excessive mascara, use of an eyelash curler, use of poor quality cosmetics, improper makeup removal, artificial thickening of eyelashes. These factors negatively affect the condition of eyelashes and damage their structure.

Falling and crumbling eyelashes can also be one of the symptoms of disease or is the result of hormonal disorders. Eyelashes also weaken due to a diet low in vitamins, because then the tissues cannot regenerate well. How to change this? It is advisable to intensive care and nourish the eyelashes, but do not use overly aggressive products for this purpose.

Ciliash is a strengthening eyelash conditioner

Ciliash is a conditioner with an effective yet safe formulation. Its use will help rebuild eyelashes and significantly enlarge them. Thanks to the vegan formula, the growth of eyelashes is improved, and on top of that, the conditioner provides the necessary building blocks for eyelashes. The product boasts an innovative formula and proven performance, and very many women have already managed to convince themselves of this.

What are the benefits of using Ciliash conditioner?

Just using Ciliash conditioner every day is enough to make eyelashes longer and thicker. It is also possible to notice that they are better nourished, so they gain a nice natural shine, have a deeper shade, curl spectacularly. There is no longer a problem with excessively falling out eyelashes - they become much stronger and better withstand adverse weather conditions. After a longer treatment with the conditioner, the eyelashes may look good enough not to require additional mascara.

For better results in the beautiful appearance of a woman's complexion, remember to take proper care of the facial skin with the help of the right Eternelle Gold Day moisturizing and wrinkle eradicating cream.

How is Ciliash better than other eyelash conditioners?

Ciliash comprehensively strengthens and nourishes eyelashes. With its action it reaches all the way to the roots, so it has a real effect on making eyelashes grow faster and become thicker. It greatly improves the appearance of eyelashes, even if they were previously light, weak and short. The formula is natural, with vegan ingredients, so you can apply with no worries conditioner for delicate and sensitive skin. Still, it is an exceptionally effective formula with a proven track record of providing complete eyelash care and actively promoting new hair growth.

On top of that, the conditioner is convenient to apply, thanks to the precise, ergonomic applicator. You only need one application of the conditioner to get the desired effect - it's hard to mess up or hurt yourself here like with invasive methods. You can even use Ciliash conditioner while wearing contact lenses.

How does the Ciliash conditioner work?

Ciliash gives quick results

The conditioner is applied to the lash line. This allows the nutrients to reach the hair follicles precisely, which is where new eyelashes are forming. Ciliash stimulates the bulbs to produce new hairs, and eyelashes also begin to grow in places where there were none before. The hydrolyzed proteins supplied in the conditioner replenish the loss of keratin and strengthen the structure of the eyelashes, so that they not only look prettier, but also stop falling out.

During treatment with Ciliash, more nutrients are delivered to the eyelashes, especially those without which proper regeneration is not possible. The product also nourishes the skin of the eyelids, making it less prone to irritation. After a few weeks of using the conditioner, you can see thicker and longer eyelashes, they also gain a nicer, deeper shade.

Strengthening of eyelashes is also due to the presence of antioxidants - free radicals damage cells, which reflects on the appearance of hair, among other things. Ciliash nullifies their effects and prevents oxidative stress.

What is in the Ciliash formula?

  • The primary ingredient in the Ciliash conditioner is sugar snap pea protein. They are a vegan substitute for natural keratin, with exactly the same properties. The vegan proteins strengthen eyelashes all the way from the root to the tips. Provide a healthy shine, flexibility and solid structure, so eyelashes do not brittle, fall out or break at the ends. Protein is also essential for moisturizing eyelashes, and still provides vitamins and minerals such as zinc and iron.
Ciliash has a natural composition
  • Lanolin is an ingredient that makes it easier to apply conditioner to eyelashes. It also has softening properties, smooths the skin and the surface of the eyelashes, builds a protective layer on the hair and protects the roots from damage.
  • Glycerin mainly takes care that the tissues do not lose water, in addition, it improves the absorption of other active ingredients.
  • Biotin contained in Ciliash makes eyelashes nicely shiny, darkened and well moisturized. Biotin replenishes defects in the structure of eyelashes and stimulates the hair follicles For the production of new eyelashes. It protects against hair loss. Biotin supplementation translates into thicker and longer eyelashes.
  • The active ingredient in Ciliash is also allantoin. It is important for the regeneration of eyelashes, on top of that it protects against inflammation. It provides optimal hydration and prevents the eyelashes from becoming brittle.

How is Ciliash different from other eyelash beautification methods?

The appearance of eyelashes can be improved relatively easily with makeup. Mascara is a common method for lengthening and thickening eyelashes, the trouble is that not every mascara really does its job well - mascara-treated eyelashes often look unnatural, stick together, and washing off the mascara damages them even more. Mascara can weaken eyelashes, while good quality mascaras with nourishing ingredients are simply expensive.

Attaching eyelashes is not the best method either, as such treatments can completely destroy the roots and already existing eyelashes. The procedure of artificial thickening and lengthening of eyelashes should be carried out in a professional office, which again entails high costs, and still does not solve the main problem. Ciliash conditioner is different in that it takes care of the eyelashes from the inside, strengthening the roots so they can naturally grow in much better shape than before.

Ciliash reviews

What do users of Ciliash conditioner say?

"My eyelashes were always thin and weak. Even when I didn't paint myself, the eyelashes still crumbled and fell out. I thought about artificial extensions, but I didn't quite like the effect the treatment gave. So I tried an eyelash enhancement treatment and it helped. I used Ciliash for four months. My eyelashes thickened noticeably and began to grow longer. Even when I no longer use the conditioner they still look great."

"The conditioners I used before did not help me much. Something there improved, but I continued without mascara, because without it my eyelashes looked bland. After Ciliash, the change is colossal. I can go without mascara and my eyes are beautifully highlighted. That I also didn't know this way before... but at least now I can enjoy beautiful eyelashes."

"I heard a lot of good things about this conditioner, but somehow I couldn't convince myself. The mascara gave the effect immediately, but you have to wait a while for the conditioner to work. However, it is worth it. Once I bought Ciliash, I can't imagine eyelash care without it. It really thickens the lashes, and better than mascara, because everything looks very natural. It's a no-brainer, worth buying if you want impressive lashes without makeup."

Is Ciliash conditioner safe to use?

Ciliash boasts a vegan formula. There are approved ingredients in the conditioner with proven effects, so there is no eye irritation or other side effects despite weeks of use. The eyelash conditioner does not cause allergies and is also suitable for sensitive skin. Contact lens wearers can also use it, but it is recommended to remove the lenses before applying the conditioner to the eyelid.

How to use Ciliash properly?

Ciliash conditioner comes in a small, handy package. It comes with a practical applicator, so you do not need to use additional accessories when applying it. Before applying the conditioner, the eyelids must be cleaned of makeup and a small amount of the product is applied to the dry skin. The application is based on the fact that with the brush you lubricate the entire eyelid line thoroughly - you only need to do it once. The conditioner is quickly absorbed and no other cosmetics need to be applied on top.

Ciliash conditioner moisturizes eyelashes

The best time to apply the Ciliash conditioner is in the evening, so that it stays on the eyelids throughout the night, when the body regenerates intensely. Application of the conditioner is done once a day, for at least one month. You can extend the treatment or repeat it systematically every few months.

For whom is the Ciliash conditioner intended?

Weak eyelashes are not unusual. Most women are not happy with their appearance, and makeup only masks their poor condition. The conditioner has quite a different effect - it nourishes and strengthens the eyelashes, so they grow more, in addition, thicker and longer. Thanks to the conditioner, eyelashes stop brittleness and are properly moisturized, which increases their elasticity.

Ciliash is recommended for anyone who wants a prettier eye frame. It works specifically on eyelashes, stimulating their growth. The active ingredients improve the structure of the eyelashes and activate more roots to produce new hair. The conditioner can be used at any age, and due to its mild formula it will also work well on very delicate and damaged eyelashes.

What is the effectiveness of Ciliash conditioner?

Ciliash works already after two weeks - eyelashes get stronger. In the following weeks their elasticity improves, eyelashes shine nicely, they stop falling out. After about two months of treatment you can already enjoy thicker and denser eyelashes. The effectiveness of the conditioner is confirmed by almost one hundred percent of people who tested the product during surveys. The conditioner garnered high marks for performance, reducing eyelash loss, moisturizing and strengthening.

The product is also recommended by cosmetologists and dermatologists, who confirm that Ciliash is a safe conditioner with a good effect. Its ease of application is also a big advantage.

Where is the best place to order Ciliash conditioner?

Ciliash preview 1

Ciliash conditioner is a product that can only be bought online. The manufacturer maintains its own sales page, where you can place your order at any time and start your eyelash strengthening treatment. Is it possible to order it on Allegro or Amazon? Such offers do indeed happen, but the manufacturer notes that it does not provide a warranty, so there is a risk of buying a worthless fake. Genuine Ciliash conditioners, with guaranteed performance, are only on the manufacturer's website, where, incidentally, you can count on the lowest prices.

The shipment from Ciliash is discreetly packaged and does not reveal its contents. You can pay for your order in advance, for example, by card, or on delivery, although this option is only valid for orders within the country. You only have to wait 1-2 business days for the shipment, as it is usually delivered to the addressee after such a time.
PricePromotion !!!
Expert evaluationConditioner recommended by specialists
User reviewsPositive
CompositionCheck here
Is it possible to buy conditioner at the drugstore?Not
Is it possible to ship internationally?Yes
Type of conditionerSerum


What is Ciliash?

Ciliash is a conditioner that is applied to eyelashes. It is designed to strengthen eyelashes, thicken and lengthen them.

Who is recommended to use eyelash conditioner?

Ciliash is a versatile and universal product. It will be useful for any woman who is not satisfied with the appearance of her eyelashes. There are no contraindications to using this conditioner, but one should be careful to follow the manufacturer's recommendations.

How long do you have to use Ciliash conditioner?

The conditioner improves the condition of eyelashes after just two weeks of regular use, but it is worth using it for longer, at least two months, to consolidate the effect.

How do you apply the Ciliash conditioner?

Using it is very easy, as all you need to do is apply a small amount to the lash line every day. The conditioner is quickly absorbed and does not leave any residue on the eyelids.

Is it possible to buy Ciliash in a drugstore?

Ciliash is not a conditioner available for sale in the ordinary market. You can't buy it in a drugstore or other stationary store, but you can very easily order it online by going to the manufacturer's website.

Is Ciliash a safe conditioner?

The manufacturer states that using it according to the instructions does not cause any side effects.

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  1. The best conditioner for eyelashes I have used and believe me I have already gone through several in my life, here the effects were fast and really visible, in addition, some of them sensitized me here there are no side effects that would make me feel uncomfortable

  2. I for one think that the undeniable advantage of this product is that the eyelash enhancement treatment can be done at home, and you don't need any complicated accessories to do it. The application is trivial, it looks like applying eyeliner - you apply a small amount of conditioner on the lash line, wait for it to dry, and that's it. The use of the conditioner does not interfere with eye painting - after the ciliash is absorbed, you can normally use mascara and eye shadow

  3. I recommend in good conscience this conditioner, the pros and cons alone, as for the price it's better to take in a package especially since you know it works then why buy one and overpay

  4. I was most interested, in addition to whether it works, of course, when I will see the first results: On the manufacturer's website you can read that after just one month the eyelashes are effectively nourished and strengthened, which translates into a more attractive appearance. Accelerated growth of eyelashes begins already around the tenth day of treatment, and after two weeks you can see the first symptoms of improvement in the condition of eyelashes.After 30 days, eyelashes are definitely more impressive than before using the conditioner, but in order for these effects to remain permanent, it is recommended to extend the treatment for another two months. In my case, it worked one hundred percent

  5. Great product has been using for 2 months, results are amazing, I use it daily and it will already stay in my daily beauty arsenal

  6. My natural eyelashes were far from perfect. I'm blonde, so my eyelashes were always pale, too. On top of that, they grew quite sparsely and were short, so without mascara my look was completely devoid of depth and my face looked bland. However, I am not fond of painting, I prefer when my face is natural, which made me look for other solutions. That's how I came across the Ciliash conditioner. It is one of my greatest cosmetic discoveries. I didn't think that an ordinary conditioner could do so much good, although in fact Ciliash is not ordinary at all - it has a very rich composition, which is probably why it works very effectively. It took a few weeks to strengthen the eyelashes in my case, and the effect still sticks.

  7. I have a question for people who have used Ciliash. I really like that it's a vegan product, only with plant-based ingredients, because that's exactly the kind of cosmetic I'm looking for for myself. There's a promotion on Ciliash right now and I'm thinking of buying a bigger set, but it would be nice to know if this conditioner is really that good and works?"

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