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Many women are unhappy with the size of their breasts, many wonder what they can do to change this situation, many undergo plastic surgery involving implants, many suffer the health consequences later. What if we could enlarge our breasts without surgery?

The manufacturer of Booups is withdrawing the product and it is being replaced by a new more effective formula called Probreast Plus - check out the latest promotions at manufacturer's website

An innovative product on the market has proven to be BooUps. A serum that is supposed to enlarge breasts, firm them, and model them.

What is BooUps serum?

BooUps packaging, what it is

BooUps is a cosmetic that has recently appeared on the market. It is a serum that is designed to enlarge, fill, model, and accentuate the breasts without harmful interference. These are just some of the tasks that the manufacturer of this cream informs you about. The serum was developed on a formula of active ingredients, mostly plant-based, known for years. It is safe to use regardless of a woman's age. It has a light, pleasant consistency.

Larger Breasts? It's possible with BooUps

Our bust size is mainly influenced by genetic factors. Does this mean that there is nothing we can do to influence its shape and size? Not really. Here are the possibilities.... It is obvious that we cannot influence genetic factors and we cannot change them. However, there are several ways that will allow us to change at least the shape of our breasts. These include physical exercises that will make our breast muscles more prominent. The same is true if you are a woman who is not a woman and you are not a woman who is not a woman. Regular activity, diet and proper care will prevent stretching of the skin, which is also used to celleasy - Helps with the loss of hydration, elasticity and will allow you to enjoy a beautiful, shapely bust longer.

The diet should be free of heavily processed foods, sugars, and alcohol.

When it comes to skin care choose natural, harmless products, based on active plant extracts. In addition, remember that they should have strong moisturizing and firming properties. According to the manufacturer, a new serum BooUps is just such a product, providing proper care, reconstruction and filling.

BooUps serum principles

When it comes to how the BooUps serum works, it differs a lot from other similar acting creams on the market. The cream has a light and delicate texture, which is quickly absorbed and penetrates into the deep layers of the epidermis and deep skin. Thanks to active ingredients it penetrates precisely and reaches fatty cells of breasts. The properties of plant extracts stimulate fat cells, of which the bust is mainly composed, to multiply, additionally increasing their volume. It is thanks to this action of the cream's ingredients that the bust has the possibility to increase its volume by even 1 cup size! Analyzing this process based on logic, the more fat cells, the greater their volume, the bigger the breasts will be.  

BooUps action

The BooUps serum will enlargeanIt also has other properties. Thanks to its properties, the serum strongly moisturizes the skin and rebuilds it, thanks to which the skin becomes more elastic, firm and springy. With the return of elasticity and regeneration, the bust shape begins to model and lift.

Moisturizing compounds of firming and nourishing serum also allow for a strong regenerative effect on the skin of the bust and neckline. Then the skin regains vitality, healthy look, and the aging processes are stopped. The skin of the décolleté regains its youthful appearance.

Are there any side effects to using BooUps breast enhancement serum?

The manufacturer of BooUps cosmetic on its official website ensures that the ingredients used in the production of the serum are known and tested for safety and effectiveness. The formula is based on plant extracts and does not cause side effects.

What are the opinions on BooUps serum?

"I have always had a complex about the size of my breasts. I was embarrassed to show up at the beach in a bikini. I also heard many times remarks at school from my peers about how little was in my bra. I had a terrible complex. I considered surgery, but it costs an awful lot and I didn't want to have artificial parts in me. I decided to try BooUps - a breast enhancement serum. After the first month, I could already see an improvement in the volume of my breasts, they normally started "pouring out" of my bra. I am very satisfied with the effect of this cream. I can recommend it with a clear conscience to those with small breasts." Agnes, 25 years old

"Since I turned 45, the first signs of aging began to appear on my skin. It was especially noticeable on my neckline. A wrinkled neckline looks very unsightly. It started to bother me a lot. I decided to take care of myself. I read about the fantastic effects of BooUps on the internet and ordered it. The package arrived to me after 2 days. I started the treatment about 3 weeks ago, but I saw the first results after 2 weeks. My skin became better moisturized, as if smoothed, its color also improved. I am satisfied with the effects, I will write later when I finish the whole treatment." Krysia, 46 years old

"I started using BooUps after my pregnancy. This cream is some kind of revelation. I thought I wouldn't get rid of the stretch marks on my breasts and they would still look awful. Fortunately, I was wrong. BooUps effectively reduced the appearance of stretch marks on my breasts. In addition, this cream smoothed out my skin and lifted my breasts up, which had sagged by breastfeeding, and significantly so. I am delighted with the results. It is worth it. Sabina, 38 years old

BooUps serum application - tips on how to apply

How do I apply BooUps serum? It is nothing complicated and no different from using a regular lotion. However, it is a good idea to apply the serum to the warm skin of your bust - that is, after a bath, because the active ingredients penetrate faster.

BooUps how to use, serum application

The manufacturer recommends applying the cosmetic twice a day, in the morning and in the evening on clean, dried and warm skin. The serum has a light consistency and is easily absorbed. The creator of the product warns against stretching the skin, the product should be gently massaged into the bust and neckline.

What are the results after using BooUps bust enhancement serum?

As we read on the website of the creator of BooUps serum, the effects that we can achieve while using the treatment are very broad. The time of appearance of these effects is already an individual matter, depending on our expectations and the degree of destruction of skin tissue of our bust and cleavage. Some clients have confirmed the first effects even after a few days of regular use of the serum.

On the other hand, after several weeks of using BooUps enlargement and firming serum, women confirmed in studies such effects as:

  • - increased bust volume
  • - bust larger by up to one size
  • - Breast shaping and breast lift
  • - strong skin regeneration of bust and décolleté
  • - inhibition of ageing processes
  • - moisturize and nourish the skin of the breasts and décolleté
  • - reduced visibility of stretch marks
  • - elastic skin of the breasts and neckline  

Is BooUps Serum Effective?

Consumer research conducted by the manufacturer on the effectiveness of firming serum BooUps. Women participating in the study confirm the effectiveness of the cosmetic. Reviews on forums and numerous comments also confirm customer satisfaction.

BooUps effects, effectiveness

Who can use BooUps firming serum?

As we mentioned earlier in our review of BooUps bust lifting and enlarging serum, this cream is designed for women of all ages. The cosmetic is dedicated for those ladies who want to improve the look of their bust and cleavage, firm it, rejuvenate it and above all increase its volume.

For women who take care of themselves, we also recommend a cream that will take care of the lower parts of your body -. Ovashape Butt.

BooUps Breast Enlargement Serum leaflet - ingredients

Adifyline hexapeptide™ - after penetrating deep into the skin layers of the breasts, effectively stimulates the body to produce fat cells and increases their volume causing the bust to fill out and increase its volume. Hexapeptide regenerates epidermal cells and effectively rebuilds them. It also positively influences modelling of the bust and raises it.

Centella Asiatica - regenerates, rebuilds skin cells improving its appearance; strengthens blood vessels, minimizes aging processes, eliminates discoloration thanks to the large amount of vitamin C, has a positive effect on reducing stretch marks.

BooUps ingredients

Walnut extract regenerates, rebuilds, makes the skin more elastic, restores its firmness and vitality and has strong antioxidant properties. Coenzyme Q10 contained in walnut moisturizes and rebuilds damaged epidermal cells.

Argan oil - known for years for its strong regenerative and restorative properties accelerates wound healing; nourishes and moisturizes the skin and prevents its loss.

Vesperella - After penetrating into the cells of the epidermis, it stimulates them to produce collagen, the increase in collagen and vitamin C, which is contained in the eschar, allow the skin to rejuvenate, prevent the aging process, fill in fine lines and wrinkles and moisturize.

Coconut oil - thanks to its protective and regenerative properties it has a positive effect on skin regeneration. Coconut oil helps to fight stretch marks, accelerates wound healing.

Shea butter - allows the skin to rebuild and protects against the harmful effects of the sun and UVA and UVB rays. Shea butter ingredients effectively protect against irritation and water loss. The skin regains its elasticity.

Booups serum Price

On the website of the manufacturer of BooUps bust enlargement serum, you can purchase the cosmetic in promotional packages.

  1. The 3+1 package contains 4 pieces of BooUps serum. It costs 447 PLN. Shipping is free. You will save 25% on this 3+1 pack.
  2. Package of 2 firming cosmetics for 289 PLN. This set also includes free shipping.
  3. The last package, which consists of one pack of breast enlargement serum, you will buy for 149 PLN. In this set you will have to pay for shipping.

In conclusion, the most advantageous purchase option is to choose 1 package, which you can find at the link below:

The manufacturer of Booups is withdrawing the product and it is being replaced by a new more effective formula called Probreast Plus - check out the latest promotions at manufacturer's website

Order BooUps bust enhancement serum

BooUps, price, how to order, where to order

You can order BooUps bust enlargement serum on the official website of the manufacturer of this cosmetic. This is a good solution for people who do not like to run around stores, pharmacies or drugstores in search of gems. Anyway, the manufacturer in the era of the 21st century has resigned from distributing the cosmetic to drugstores.

The manufacturer warns against purchasing serums on other auction sites because they do not guarantee that it will be their original product.

In order to purchase the serum you will need to fill out a short purchase form. This is no different from any other online shopping you do every day. However, if you have any preconceptions it is always worth choosing payment on delivery, which is discreet.

Product NameBooUps Serum
User Reviews99% positive
Side EffectsNo
Pharmacy AvailabilityNot available
PromotionsCheck Here

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