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Who are we?

Natalia Oravska

Natalia Oravska

Natalia Orawska, 33 years old - editor-in-chief: graduated from the Faculty of Chemistry, Adam Mickiewicz University (UAM), author of many publications, always up-to-date with what's currently happening in science. Interested in a holistic approach to health, which led her to the idea of additional studies, this time in ayurveda. Passionate about bicycle trips. With her culinary skills she proves that you can eat healthy, dietetic and tasty.

Martyna Walczak

martin walczyk

Martyna Walczak, 22 years old - a writer, writes mainly about health, in which despite her young age she has a lot of experience. She studies food technology. Always full of optimism, loves to read and meditate. She is a real mine of knowledge when it comes to natural methods of body care, which allows her to review bio-cosmetics with great insight.

Kuba Gajewski

Kuba Gajewski

Kuba Gajewski, 27 - author of texts on dietetics, main reviewer of supplements of all kinds. Studied anthropology, which gave him a thorough insight into numerous natural healing methods. He published his first popular science articles on his blog and now shares his vast knowledge on our website.

In addition, our team is constantly collaborating with many experienced authors with specialist knowledge in specific topics. We try to create content in an accessible form, understandable also for people who are new to a particular field.

We are always open to your questions and suggestions. At any time you can send us an e-mail at contact form with questions or suggestions for topics. We are convinced that thanks to us every reader will find interesting guides related to healthy lifestyle.

We know that by carefully observing your body and understanding its needs, it is easiest to find effective solutions to your problems. We appreciate other people's experience and are open to informed discussion. We simply want to be an inspiration to our readers.